Its A Feeling Photography Contest winners

"It’s a Feeling" Contest Winners

The Winners

I am glad to announce winners of the “It’s a Feeling” contest. We suppose to have only one winner, and Dave Nitsche has selected the one, the best one. However, I decided to add second place prize: our “Tabletop Photography in Examples” e-book. There were several really good shots and second prize will be a good reward for the efforts. First, lets look at the submissions:

Contest Entries

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Below is the video with me and Dave Nitsche selecting the winners. Not only selecting, but critiquing submission as well. This may look ridiculous for the contest, but we like to provide a feedback to fellow photographers. I am sure guys who submitted their images knew what they were doing: we critique everything within line of sight:-)

Critique and winners selection video

If you do not want to hear the whole critique session, you can skip it and jump directly to our winners. However, if you’ll watch the video you’ll understand why we have chosen these particular images.
The first prize, $350 gift card from selected photo-online store goes to:

First prize: Terry Croom

Terry Croom winner shot
Terry Croom winner shot


The second prize, “Tabletop Studio Photography in Examples“e-book  goes to:

 Second prize : Paul Whittingham


Congratulations, Terry and Paul, great job guys!  Thank you everyone who participated in this contest. Soon we will announce another one, stay tuned!

Do not forget about our PHOTIGY Live Wednesday assignment, dedicated to a jewelry photography. We will be reviewing and learning how to shoot a ring. We still have few days left, meaning you can join us and learn jewelry photography by submitting your shot for a review here: assignment submission. (forum is fixed now)

All the best to everyone!

P.S Do not forget about our another contest: HDR Post-Processing Contest #2

PPS If you want to learn studio photography, make sure you do not miss my iucoming online course: How to Start in Studio Photography online course, part one: The Equipment

5 thoughts on “"It’s a Feeling" Contest Winners”

  • Hello Nikola
    Read your post and thought I should respond just for the record. As a photographer I get my inspiration from different sources not least of which my peers as I’m sure you do. I’m not familiar with the guy you linked to but took a look to see why you feel this way. I have to say I am truly flattered that you think my image and the work of this guy are comparable. He is obviously very talented and IMHO a damn site better than I am. That said, this style of photography is not new and is not unique to this photographer. There are many who have used this style past and present. My first encounter with it was about 4 years ago during part of my training at Uni where we did a workshop using layers and vector masks in photography which is basically the essence of it and I have used it before and will again. So, for the record, my inspiration on this occasion came from my training and my tutors. Kind Regards
    Terry Croom

  • charles sweigart

    many superior shots here. must be very hard to choose just two. wonder how many of the shots were made using expensive lighting and modifiers? wonder what the results might look like if some limits were placed on the cost or type of lighting used? many of the subscribers to this thread are likely limited in experience and equipment, so would benefit greatly from seeing what these talented participants would accomplish with a small hand tied behind their back. just an idea for a future challenge. I have seen Alex accomplish some fine work using simple tools.
    Thanks to all involved

    • Paul Whittingham

      @charles sweigart, That’s a good idea for a contest. I shot the second winner pic above with a Bowens monolight and it needed a 6′ stripbox boomed overhead for the reflection in the sphere. Total cost of £600….but I could of used a long strip of white cardboard and used two desk lamps to light it from below to get the same result. FWIW having good equipment only makes things more convenient, not necessarily better.

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