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Jewelry Photography E-Tut: Swarovski Ring Shot – Behind the Scenes

Jewelry Photography E-Tut: Swarovski Ring Shot – Behind the Scenes

This is the full BTS of the Swarovski Crystal Ring. The post-production part is being prepared and will be uploaded soon.

Swarovski Ring

Jewelry Swarovski ring Behind the scene



The Video, Part one (shooting)

14 responses on "Jewelry Photography E-Tut: Swarovski Ring Shot - Behind the Scenes"

  1. 1) Why was there no full screen, especially with the camera so far away on such a small setup?
    2) Where is the so called link below to the forum topic?
    3) Where is part two, it’s like 5 years later from the date part one was created?

    I’ll take a look in the library and see if I can find part 2.

    • Hi DL
      1) There is no reason for this except for the explanation: this was one of the first videos we did long time ago, and unfortunately the video setup was not as good I wanted. That time we had only 1 camera and were learning how to do such videos…

      2) Its gone, old forum was cleaned when we moved away from blog style and created a school
      3) I assume it was never created for this lesson. Let me check if we can add a substitute for this from jewelry PP course

      I’ll take a look in the library and see if I can find part 2.

  2. Have we got a date for the post production video yet Alex?

  3. 第二部分,后期的视频没有嘛?

  4. i’d like to do jewelry photography and i’m using Nikon camera . Can you tell me what’s suitable lens to use and do i need close up ring ?



    • Wallace,
      I am not a Nikon guy, but I know that a macro lens with 1;1 magnification will work. What exactly? The most expensive you can get is better. 100mm focal length or longer.

    • I shoot with a D800 and for this type of shot, I would either use my Zeiss 100mm f/2 Makro-Planar or the Nikon 200mm f/4 Micro lens. Either of those would work great. Better with the 200mm but if you have fairly high resolution camera, 100mm will work too if you crop a little.

  5. I use orthodontal wax or dental wax available from any chemist

  6. Thank you so much Alex,
    It was awesome

  7. Alex,

    are you using tacky wax to hold the ring in place?

  8. Dear Alex,

    Good day!

    I am a student of product photograph who from China. You shooting of the product is very atractive to me. But now I am facing a very serious problem.
    I had upgrade my profile to the pro coner. But I found the most of the tutorials is the video from youtube. But youtube is blocken by the Chinese GOV. I can’t see the link which on your website to the youtube. could you hv any idea to make hv these link which link to the youtube ttorials, so that I can use the proxy to see this video?

    Tks a lot!


    • hi SOnic,
      Sorry to heat about thius. Actually, this is not Youtube, but vimeo.com .
      All Pro corner videos are posted via vimeo.com. is it closed for you?

      It might be an issue with your proxy or firewall: if it somehow replaces http://www.photigy.com url in your browser to something else, video won’t play.
      Please try not to use any proxy.. should work.

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