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Jewelry Photography Insights: Shooting a Silver Ring

Jewelry Photography Insights: Shooting a Silver Ring

How to shoot a rounded ring




This is an almost as-is RAW file shot, at the very beginning stage of post-production. 


Process of shooting jewelry: the video

8 responses on "Jewelry Photography Insights: Shooting a Silver Ring"

  1. As a newbie, I’m grateful for all the valuable info. One thing I keep seeing is your message indicating “full post-production video will be followed soon”. Even on this post dating back as far as 4/1/13 Steven Greene makes reference to the post production video.

    Are there any jewelry videos available in the library that take you through the entire process from the initial set-up to the final image including all the edits?

  2. Hi, thanks for the video! ) I do really hope to watch the PS part!

  3. 4 side cone used is rectangular in cross section. Would you think there are advantages or disadvantages to using a square cross section instead?
    Thank you for another thought provoking video.

  4. I liked the line on the pearl ring and the idea of the 4 sided DIY cone. Many Thanks. I appreciate it.

  5. Great Video!! I really like the 4 sided cone, very neat idea. The only question I have is using this cone while shooting a gemstone ring? Would you consider sticking aluminum foil inside to ignite more sparks?

  6. Alex, a big problem with any rounded reflective surface is the reflection of the camera lens. I can only think of two ways of dealing with this:

    1 To incorporate that reflection into a bigger more definite black area by using black card inside the round cone or along one of the smaller sides of the “square” cone.

    2 To get rid of it in post-production.

    Any other ideas?

    Thanks and regards


    • Frank,
      yes, there si a solution to get rid of a reflection of the lens on subject like this. The idea is to use a different light modifier, with long narrow gap for the lens. It will create a nice black line instead of spot, and it will look cool on any ring. Its kind of “turing your enemy to work for you” solution:-)
      I’ve showed this technique on jewelry masterclass, soon it will be released and Pro Corner members will have an advantage on getting it for the lower price.

  7. Good video. Very helpful with a lot of information. Can’t wait for the post production!

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