Magic of Makeup and Photography Lighting: Before and After from Vadim Andreev

What is more important: Photography Lighting or Makeup?

I’ve stumbled into portfolio of an amazing Russian makeup artist, Vadim Andreev, and want to share his work with Photigy  readers. Below are the “before and after images of beautiful girls, where the before is “as-is” (no makeup + smartphone photography) and after is when the makeup was applied and a good photographer was hired.

I am not sure how much Photoshop was used on the “after” images, Vadim does not tell us what is Photoshopped or not. From what I see, these “after” images do not have too much post-production on them, so I’d call them  “real”.
What I mean by REAL is that this is how a good portrait of a woman would be done: Great makeup, good photography and a little of post-production to enhance the photo.

Looks pretty impressive to me. What do you think?

 Here are my thoughts:

  • If you are a fashion/beauty/wedding photographer, hire a good stylist: your clients would be much more pleased with their portraits. Most likely they will be willing to hire you again and again even if your pricing will be higher than competitor’s.
  • If you are a makeup artist, get together with a good photographer who will know how to make your makeup look even better, enhancing it with a good lighting.
  • If you are a woman, never go out without good makeup (kidding:-)


Magic of Makeup and Photography Lighting from Vadim Andreev 


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About Vadim Andreev:

Vadim Andreev started his career as a make-up artist when he was a teenager. He created looks for his models while taking part in amateur photo shoots.

vadim-matveev2001 – Vadim Andreev graduates from the Lenfilm Film Studio’s School for Stylists and receives a basic medical education diploma in cosmetology.

2005-2007 – Vadim Andreev is the chief make-up artist for Rasputin House, a de luxe beauty salon.

2005-2007 – Vadim Andreev is a make-up teacher for Rasputin House, a hairdressing art school.

2007-2008 – Vadim Andreev is employed as the leading make-up artist with L’Oreal Paris Make-Up Studio.

2008 – Vadim Andreev works as a make-up artist for the TKT TV station.

Vadim Andreev took part in shooting commercials for such brands as MegafonConverse, «Russian Precious Stones», «Juvelirtorg», Coffeeshop Company,  Mehovoy Ray, EDMIand InTrans as a make-up artist. He cooperates with magazines Ya Pokupayu, Women Saint Petersburg, СТО, HAIR’S, InterBusiness, and Daily Mail as well as model agencies Lukovsky Model Agency, Status and Noah Models. Vadim Andreev takes part in the Nevskie Berega Beauty Expo and NICE Ideal Beauty Exhibition. He also participated in an Italian fashion show in Moscow, KinoStar City Theater opening ceremony and GlobalGathering Music Festival.

Today Vadim Andreev cooperates with leading Russian and Ukrainian photographers, model agencies, magazines and TV projects.

Vadim Andreev conducts make-up workshops and master classes in Russia and Ukraine. The subjects of his seminars include wedding, casual and party make-up, Smoky Eyes make-up technique, make-up for adults, Modern Women’s Time Machine, secrets of Hollywood make-up, fashion make-up, Color in Make-up, Decorative Make-up Tools for Flawless Make-up: Features and How to Use It, and Casual (Natural-Looking) Make-up: Professional Techniques You Are Not Aware Of.

В настоящее время Вадим Андреев сотрудничает с ведущими фотографами, модельными агентствами, журналами, ТВ-проектами.

Find more of Vadim’s work at his website:

Vadim Andreev Portfolio

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12 thoughts on “Magic of Makeup and Photography Lighting: Before and After from Vadim Andreev”

  • It’s not hard to put a TON of eye makeup on a woman to distract from poor quality make-up on the rest of her face. The ones who didn’t need a lot of eye-make up are the ones who need only a good foundation to cover up some skin imperfections and little eyeliner to bring out the eyes, not make them so that it’s impossible to look anywhere else.

  • • @Ian and @Chet Meyerson: Why are you here whining about the use of Photoshop for a professional photograph?? This is like going to a fine restaurant and complaining that the chef uses an OVEN (or some other cooking tool)! You sound a little Techno-Amish, as we say!

    Surely, you are aware that Photoshop is used in almost EVERY photograph published!?! It’s not a scam, or a way to cheat and trick the viewer. It’s a TOOL.

    • And, @Pocoloco, Why are you here, on a Make-up themed story, grumbling and moaning, and generally acting rude and negative? Do you NOT have anything decent or positive to contribute? If you don’t like it, don’t do it. Better yet, just go somewhere else!

    I think these are quite nice! And, they are some cool examples of what’s possible with good make-up and good photography. For those who don’t seem to know, good photography includes good Lighting, and yes, good Photoshop skills to complete the process. And, believe it or not, the type and style of the make-up shown here was NOT presented to convince you to do it the same way.

    Please look for something positive to say! Let’s use the constructive elements we might discover to polish and improve our own work. Leave the the offensive, disparaging and derogatory comments somewhere else. Thanks!

    • So let s say that it is ok for me to book a session and when i see my face still has imperfection or he s done a terrible job at,uhm i don t know,let s say contouring or foundation or w/ever,not to complain? And say but you know i saw your work online and it looked incredible good.I guess the answer will be ” oh but honey that s just photoshop,everyone does it,you wont look like that,hell no”
      I respect a professional mua that uses no ps on his work and keep it real.And i m not talking about those photo shooting sesions or artistic photos,i m talking about his work book.

  • I feel there is both a ton of make-up and a great deal of photoshop! Some of the actual shapes of the faces are altered and in some, if the woman was wearing that much make-up, her head would fall down from the weight. Reminds me of the now defunct “Glamor Portraits” franchise….only on steroids.

  • The ones that are pretty are prettier without make-up. The ones that were ugly, remained ugly even with make up.

    In fact, this is this is a good example of a make-up artist trying too hard. This type of make up is only useful for amateur wannabe fashion productions, for the typical over the top beauty photography macros or for porn.

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