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Making a commercial shot of a perfume product: Pro Club Assignment #46

This is a product photography tutorial for Pro Club 
Interactive Education Program, assignment #46

The Final Images

Making a commercial shot of perfume product
alien perfume commercial image tutorial for potographers

Tutorials for this assignment

Tutorial video, part 1


Tutorial video, part 2


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The Assignment:

  • Choose an interesting shape of perfume and look for an appropriate background which will help to create a necessary mood of your shot.
    It should be something complimentary with the product – nature leaves, flowers or something that plays well with the “spirit” of the product that you’ll be working with.
  • This about composition and story that you are telling with your image.
  • Clean your product as good as possible to save your time during post-production and avoid frustrations related with this part of retouching (tip: use serving napkins to not let fingerprints cover glossy part of an object)



Deadline is set to 04/12/2017

Assignment Submission

Deadline: 04/12/2017

Submit your image for the review and critique on the forum. Note: Pro Corner membership is required to participate in this assignment 

4 responses on "Making a commercial shot of a perfume product: Pro Club Assignment #46"

  1. Profile photo of Karla Patricia

    Hi, Alex. I would like to know the new date for the review of the submissions for this assignment. Regards.

  2. Profile photo of Jean Eichenlaub

    I set the shutter speed to something that makes view visible, usually around 20″. If i forget to set it back, just have to wait for the exposure to finish. The wait reinforces to remember next time.

  3. Profile photo of Andrey Mikhaylov

    I guess on C mode (which is basically programmable M mode) Canon’s Live View is showing actual scene if Exposure Simulation is on. I’m not sure about M mode.
    I always shoot in C mode through Live view If I need just a picture on the rear screen to see what’s going on with a scene. If you’re not in a hurry just change shutter speed or ISO while on M.

  4. Profile photo of Brian

    Hi Alex! Thank you for another interesting assignment, I’m looking forward to it! Quick question about live view. How do you get your live view to work with modeling lights while taking shots with the correct shutter speed, aperture, and ISO? The only way I can see anything in live view is to set my ISO to auto, then set it back before taking the still shot. I think I’m missing something simple. I’m using capture one pro 10, canon 5d mark iv.

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