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Making of “Mimosa” shot – Product Photography Behind the Scene

Making of “Mimosa” shot – Product Photography Behind the Scene

The complete BTS of creating the ”Momosa” shot from Matt Marsh


My name is Matt Marsh. I am autodidact just like many of the folks in the Photigy circle.
My wife and I have both been wedding photographers for over 7 years. However, I’ve been interested in product photography ever since I was hired by an E-bay seller to photograph shoes for his store a little over 4 years ago. Frankly, it was a rude awakening…
I had a long way to go if I wanted to enter that genre of photography as a professional. Since that experience, I have slowly worked on my understanding of the industry and techniques.
While I do not currently have an operational product/advertising studio I am in the process of creating a portfolio that could compete in the marketplace. Being a member of the Photigy community has certainly been a humbling experience and I’m excited about growing and getting better at my craft!
To see more work and get in touch with Matt Marsh visit his website: ichoosesomethingblue.com

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My goal was to use this concept to create a portfolio image that could possibly have a marketing application.
While in the grocery store I noticed the colors of this mimosa bottle. Then I read that it was “infused” with orange juice and this was the product and branding I was looking for!

4 responses on "Making of "Mimosa" shot - Product Photography Behind the Scene"

  1. Yeah, nice work Matt. Looks great! Look forward to seeing more of your work. :)

  2. Thanks Vadim! Im honored to have my work featured!

  3. Good job Matt. Lovely post. I’m sure it will have helped many! Thanks for the time you put in. Happy shooting!

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