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Melting Flower: our recent shot for a tutorial in "Lite It" magazine

This is what we have created last week:

The Melting Flower

Melting liquid flower: liquid photography by Alex Koloskov
The whole behind the scene¬†walkthrough will be published in “Lite It” magazine. I do not have iPad so not sure how I’ll look at the article. Hope some of my blog reader has it and will be able to see the tutorial.

Here is the short video featuring all the shots were made during this photo-shot:


 Yellow drops: 178 shots in 15 seconds 


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4 responses on "Melting Flower: our recent shot for a tutorial in "Lite It" magazine"

  1. Wow, this really needs to be put up for people who don’t have a tablet.

  2. Alex

    What issue is the article in please


  3. yeah i agree, it’s a shame for all of us non ipad owners. But if you read the comments on the kelby website where you can download the magazine, there are a lot of people in the same situation voicing their opinion!

  4. WHat a shame ppl like me don’t have access to this. :(

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