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Alex Koloskov

April 29, 2015

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    Hi Alex, Just got an email about our visit to the food course page. We are not able to do this course as we don’t have the gear we need, we recently ordered 2 new strobes and they arrived yesterday, 1 has been returned as it arrived damaged so thats another week. We have the scrim you suggested and it looks great so have order 2 scrim frames and they still have not arrived. We are getting there very slowly but not quite yet:) The drinks course we did was a nightmare trying to work out why we kept getting blurb results, Eric helped us on facebook and we tried out speedlites which worked but they are not really powerful enough.

    We had hoped the two new strobes would be a good start to an improved image quality so we could do more on Photigy and improve our photography.

    Really pleased to hear that the Friday critique will be back in September, really enjoyed that so looking forward to it.

    You do a great job with Photigy and the people you have bought together makes a big difference globally. Thank you.


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