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Curtis Hustace


Curtis is a 30 Year Veteran photographer.  He started his career as a sports photographer for a large Indiana University.  His duties while there were to take all the action photos (and some head and shoulder shots) of players for the inside of the programs that were printed on a weekly basis for the games.  He shot for all of the major sports programs at the University that had programs.
After his Curtis’ sports photograph stint, he moved on to shooting product photography for catalogs.  He shot products for publication for 5 years before moving on.
After shooting products for catalogs, Curtis Hustace Moved on to shooting for Dog & Cat Books and Magazines.  he shot for many different publications specializing int pet photography, everything from veterinarian care, to breeds specific books to you name it, he shot it.  Curtis Hustace traveled all over the world shooting different breeds of dogs and cats.
After about 20 years of shooting animals of all kinds, Curtis Hustace moved to opening his own successful portrait studio and video production house.  Curtis Hustace mostly did commercial portrait type of shots, Lifestyle type photography for corporations and their year end corporate reports.  He also was shooting industrial videos for corporations ranging from the good feel product video “Hey this is how we make your life better . . . ” type of thing to Industrial “How To” type videos.
Today, Curtis Hustace has been involved in the E-Commerce photography world.  For the last 5 years he has been shooting jewelry for Amazon.com, Kohl’s Department Stores etc.  He travels all over shooting for organization that sell jewelry online.  To date, Curtis Hustace has over 50,000 images online world wide in the E-Commerce world.
With Curtis’ broad experience, he is well suited to pass on his knowledge to those who can take advantage of it!



E Commerce and Product Photography

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