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Natalia Lisovskaya: Food Photographer, The Delectable Moods of Foods

Food photographer Natalia Lisovskaya

This is an interview with an amazing food photographer Natalia Lisovskaya. Enjoy!

My Name is Natalia Lisovskaya

I`m creator, buyer of products, chef, stylist and food photographer :)
I think over, in advance, the composition, background, picking up props. I buy products that are suitable for a particular idea. I cook. I build the scene. There should be nothing superfluous in the scene, each piece must bear their information load

Food photographer


Natalia Lisovskaya is a Russian Food Photographer who has been honing her skills for the last 7 years. Her style of food photography combines rustic textures with beautiful fresh ingredients that result in delicious works of art. Her food photography portrays real ingredients, real dishes, and each dish evokes a different emotion and mood.

Photigy Interview with Natalia Lisovskaya

How was your interest in food photography sparked? Can you name a moment in time when it clicked in your mind and you realized that photography was more than a hobby, but a passion?

I worked for many years in the office. accidentally I became involved photography, having studied photography in school, I began to sell work in photo banks … and suddenly I felt the difference: when you work and when you are just doing your favorite thing. I’ve worked as a photographer for 7 years.


Slices of ham, Black olives and ciabatta on wooden background

Can you describe to us your creative process behind your food photographs? Do you plan each photo out before taking the shot or are they created more organically?

I`m creator, buyer of products, chef, stylist and food photographer :) I think over in advance the composition, background, picking up props. I buy products that are suitable for a particular idea. I cook. I build the scene. There should be nothing superfluous in the scene, each piece must bear their information load. I work with the light and reflectors. Of course in any thought out shooting I have a place creative improvisation.

Boiled buckwheat with milk on served table on white wooden backg


During your course of becoming a professional food photographer, what is something you didn’t expect out of the journey?

I did not expect that one day my pictures will become so popular that I would be interviewed.



What influences your work? Do you look to other photographers for inspiration, or does your inspiration come from other sources?

The largest and most powerful source of inspiration – Pinterest. there are a lot of authors whose work I admire: Krew i mleko, What Katie Ate, Eva Toneva, Kevin Clark…
Then – it’s all around. For example, I did not photograph for two months, well, totally not in the mood [to] … one day I went with my husband to a new coffee shop and saw sandwiches there … Immediately I bought them and gave them a photo shoot for the full program: with new props, the selection of textures, change of fresh greens, brewed coffee … :) everything that I photograph – this is my way of communicating with the world. this is my inner. it’s me. (see photo above)

Espresso cup on blue background

Can you name a collection or single work that you have created that has resonated with you the most emotionally? Why is this collection or single work significant to you?

Yes, this is a photo with a cup of coffee on blue background, shot from the top. I did not plan it, just wanted to see how the blue cup looked on the blue board (see photo above). I took a few shots and forgot about them. Then by chance I found them in the archives and gasped, it’s a masterpiece! In general, the whole “blue” series was created in the wake of a sudden inspiration! Each work in this series is dear to me.


Could you describe a typical set-up of one of your food photographs? Do you travel to a studio or do you have a studio of your own for your food shots?

I have a home studio. And I leave to shoot in restaurants. Since I photograph with pulsed light, typical settings are: Canon EOS 5D Mark II + EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM / ISO 100/ 1/160 sec at f/10 / pulsed light (2 studio flash)

Ripe blueberries in spoon on textured background

Bouquet of wild strawberries on white background

Can you please give us insight to the equipment you use in regards to the types of cameras and lights you use?

I use a Canon 5D Mark II + EF 70-200 mm f/2.8L IS II USM. I shoot almost all with this lens. I usually use impulse sources, some Photodynamic MegaJet 600 and soft boxes in different sizes

King prawn on white background

Brown champignon mushroom with crown - royal mushroom on white b

How important is collaboration regarding your artistic projects? Do you typically work with a team or alone, could you explain the process?

It is very important that I am not interfered in the process. So I prefer to work with one assistant who, over the years, has learned to understand me without words.
If it is shooting for a restaurant, the presence of one of the chef would be sufficient.


What do you think makes a great photograph? For example is it the lighting, the set, equipment that you use? Or is it something else?

1) Quality, quantity, and direction of light plays a major role in the creation of “delicious” pictures. Learn how to see the light. Adjust the white balance settings of the camera, use a white paper napkin as the adjustment tools. 

2) Think carefully about the idea, composition, background, objects in the scene.

3) Importantly – the mood.

Beef Steak with Butter and Baked tomato

What would be your words of inspiration and wisdom for those who are just starting, those that are finding their passion, and those seeking their style? What is the most important thing you have learned that you want to share with the world?

Success in photography is determined by the ability to express oneself, to pass through [expression] and give the audience the thoughts, ideas, and emotions. The author must love the subject, feel it, and enjoy the process. Then everything will turn out.



The Photigy Team would like to thank Natalia for her time and her wonderful insights! We look forward seeing more of her delicious photographs. Find more of Natalia’s works here:

Where to find Natalia Lisovskaya:Natalia Lisovskaya_sm

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