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Our HDR photography: one more thing we love doing:-)

We like to travel and I love to take pictures, then Genia has a good time playing with all of them in Photoshop.  Whenever we drive more than 30 minutes from home, I bring my Lowerpro backpack loaded with 2 cameras, with 2-4 lenses and a heavy tripod with me. I like to shoot landscapes for fun and in most cases I shoot them using a multiple exposure (exposure bracketing) technique.

Since we joined Google plus¬†our once hidden passion for HDR photography has come out and been welcomed with huge¬†interest among my Google plus friends. ¬†So much so that we’ve decided to write a book on how we do our HDR photography. ¬†The book will be a strictly¬†technical approach based on our examples of HDR images. It will cover our process of creating a realistic HDR image step-by-step, from the capturing techniques to the post-processing, and will include many screenshots from Photoshop and Photomatix.
The book is already written and it will be released in a week or two.

Now I want to share some of the examples of our landscapes and urban images.

This is what we do outside of the studio.

Seven exposures were necessary get a full dynamic range of the scene:

Helen by Alex Koloskov HDR
7 exposures, 14 Ev DR HDR: Helen by Alex Koloskov

Below is a ‘regular” 3 exposure HDR, but I really like how Photomatix Pro 4 deals with ghosting. ¬†Look how many people were around. ¬†Now imagine that they were in different positions in each separate shot!

HDR   tutorial announcement ebook by Alex-Koloskov
3 exposure HDR: tutorial announcement ebook by Alex-Koloskov

This is another seven exposure shot:

Helen  by Alex koloskov for HDR book
Helen by Alex koloskov for HDR book

3 exposures, de-ghositng did a great job here as well:

Urban HDR for e book by Alex Koloskov
Urban HDR for e book by Alex Koloskov

Seven exposures, beside a wide DR it works like a focus stacking, bringing extra details into a combined image:

Tone mapping in HDR photography by Alex Koloskov
Tone mapping in HDR photography by Alex Koloskov

Five exposures on the image below (if i am not mistaken):

lake Lanier in  HDR photography
lake Lanier in HDR photography

Realistic HDR for Landscape and Architectural Photographers


We have created this book based on our own experience. All of our research has been done on the Internet using free sources such as photography forums and blogs. The rest has been learnt by our own experimentation, based on a trial and error approach.

Realistic HDR e-book by Genia Larionova and Alex Koloskov
Realistic HDR e-book by Genia Larionova and Alex Koloskov



11 responses on "Our HDR photography: one more thing we love doing:-)"

  1. Hi Alex,

    I like your stuff and way of communicating. It’s so down to earth and full loving intent. It just shows and you can feel it in your hearth if one really listens.

    I have a little question regarding HDR and especially about Photomatix. I went to their site and noticed that it comes in different facilities. They sell it in Pro, Pro Plus bundle, Photomatix Plug for Apple, and a plug in for photoshop.
    What is your preference, or wow what are you using in relation to your HDR ebook.

    Since I’m writing could as well ask another quest. ;-)
    I want to buy new strobes, because the ones I’m using ( Elinchrom ) are either to strong (500ws) for my speciality food photography. Now, since splash is a good extention for food in this nich I’m thinking to get the stein’s. 2 flies in one hit… ;-)
    Was wondering if the Stein’s are available in Europe and if so do they also exist in less then 500ws. For instance 250 ws ?

    Thanks for shining your light on this !
    Kindest regards,

  2. Hi Alex,
    I am very much looking forward to the release of your Realistic HDR e-book. I looked very closely at your sample images and, while the look is exactly what i am trying to achieve, your skies, in particular are very good – not overly dark as I have seen in many HDR images that attempt to achieve a realistic look.

  3. Nice pics ! I am going to try it.

  4. I still light years away from HDR but always love seeing yours in my google stream. Book looks great!

  5. Alex, I can’t wait to get your book. Your HDR work is fantastic!

  6. Those are the best looking HDR I have seen. Usually what I come across have a sort of Neon look to them. Great job. Let me know when the book is published.

  7. Always love your work and I really like your more subtle version of HDR. I don’t like most HDR images I see with the glowing florescent type effects. BTW I love Helen and used to go there as often as possible when I lived in Norcross. Go GA

  8. I like HDR very much Alex and I can say, that these ones are very soft with natural look and toned colours, which is very good. Everyone looking to achieve more suer-realistic look doing HDR and some times so do I! I love details and quiet colours not overdone but just right. All the best M8 have fun!

  9. I love the look of realistic HDR! It looks so much better than that grungy stuff!

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