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Photigy LIVE: Rodney Pike and his story

This time weather was not against us and we had a great talk with¬†Rodney Pike¬†(read¬†his story¬†on photigy and learn about him on¬†his blog). I really glad I’ve met Rodney, the story of his life and his success are truly inspiring.

What happened with Rodney after 40+ years of his life is one of these phenomenal things which I love to study. Nothing is more inspirational for a seeking mind than to see how other person has found his/her passion and follows it.

¬†Hope you will enjoy our talk and Rodney’s short¬†demonstration¬†of the techniques he use:

Photigy Live with Rodney Pike


Here is one of the Rodney’s inspirations, thank you Joshua Geiger¬†for¬†passing the link to us during the hangout: ¬†The Rolling Stones by Sebastian Kr√ľger.¬†Also, thank you to my co-host of the show, Noah Katz. Great time!¬†

All the best to everyone!

P.S ¬†Do not forget about our next bi-weekly assignment , the flower shot. Submit your work on this forum topic, Thursday we’ll meet again.

2 responses on "Photigy LIVE: Rodney Pike and his story"

  1. I would really love to see Rodney Pike do Alex Koloskov & Genia together – That would be sooooo cool!
    All Votes Welcome :-)

    Terry Croom

    • Terry, that’s a great idea!
      I really enjoyed the hangout, big props to Rodney for sharing so much of his experience and background, a genuine insight into the industry.

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