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Photigy Showcase #3: 10 Best Photos From Photigy Community Photographers

Best Photos From Our Photigy Community and the Thoughts that Inspired Them 


Every couple of months we will be publishing images from our Forum and Facebook Community to show off a great work of our talents and so it could serve as inspiration to others.

Below are some incredible photos that were shared with us within the last 60 days. We asked each photographer to tell a short story behind the shot. How the image was created. What inspired them to create this shot.

Some of the photographers took it upon themselves to give more elaborate responses than others, but we can all see that each Photographer showcases some high caliber work. The answers you find will not only surprise you, but we hope they inspire you as well.


Thank You to all who participated and provided insights. Our Community continues to grow and prosper, because of these like minded photographers that are willing to share their processes, insights, and their work. 

Javier Luces

Website: www.javluc.com

Location: Brussels Area, Belgium 

I created “Green Crystal” one a day that I had no inspiration at all. I love photographing my crystal glasses and I’ve done several shots in past of them so I told myself “ok, let’s try to use some gels for a change” and that’s how I just went for it and tried lots of colors.

The setup for this shot was very simple; 3 crystal glasses arranged on my dining table and a speedlite behind pointing towards the wall at full power with a green gel on it. After that, I did some minor post prod in Lightroom.

Shot info: 50mm lens, f/8, 1/60 sec, ISO100

Mohamed Abdel-Hady

Website: mohamedabdulhady.com

Location: Alexandria, Egypt

I have always been watching these beautiful shots of watches online specially on Alex’s website from his advanced courses and also on the websites of the renowned watch makers such as rolex, omega … and i wanted to make a shot that kinda looks like them.

And since i don’t have a nice looking watch at all i asked my brother in law if i can shoot his watch and thankfully he agreed.

So i took the watch to my little home made studio and started experimenting with angles till i settled on the final pose that came in that image and started adjusting my lights to illuminate the important parts of the watch… with some post production coming later removing dust, scratches, replacing background and of course focus stacking i managed to finally produce that shot …

Ori Livney

Website: facebook.com/jewelryphoto

Location: Pardes Hanah, Hefa, Israel

A little story behind the shots.

The single ring shot was part of a catalog work for Gil Rosenberg. It was shot laying down on a clear pexiglass surface and then rotated in Photoshop the lighting diagram is attached bellow.

The concept I use is lighting a scrim on top and using mirrors to light the rings, this is a very useful approach since it is very flexible in it’s application and very efficient in space and size since thees are crucial when shooting jewelry
The ring is then traced and cut and rotated to the desired angle in PS

The second shot with the ring collection from Michel Cohen.

Has the same setup with the addition of a cool new device. The light blaster. If interested you can read more about it on their website: light-blaster.com

It’s a slide projector for a strobe, very cool stuff. I used it on the background screen that reflects on the black glass surface, the picture was not photoshopped.
Minor contrast and sharpening was done in LR.

For more of my work please visit and like my facebook page.

Steven Gourlay

Website: stevengourlay.com

Location: Ullapool, United Kingdom

I’ve been doing a lot of low end eCommerce photos for some time but wanted to try and be more creative and spend more time setting up the shot than being more interested in getting through lots of photos on a white background.

I recently joined the Photigy community and have been really enjoying Alex’s video tutorials and what i find really good is the behind the scenes multiple video angels which are so beneficial.

The photo is of Adidas LA Trainers with a white / black background to give a two tone effect similar to the trainers.

Shashank Gupta

Website: shashankgupta.com

Location: New Delhi, India

It had been sometime already since I had taken the dreaded plunge into photography full time making it the heart and soul of my day, in the initial years as a freelance photographer my main focus was on fashion and portfolio shoots but somewhere my heart felt that something was lacking and I could sense that my heart was not in it completely.

One day I got a product photography assignment much to my delight and fascination, and as I deepened my research in this new genre for me I came across Photigy and Alex and truly fell in love with it. Now that my love affair with product photography had begun, learning became an essential part and Photigy became my encyclopaedia .

I decided on starting with something simple, as simple as Single light set ups and then came across one of Alex’s tutorials for silver ware which became my guide and inspiration for this shot.

So to create this shot I put a Black paper on the surface and kept a glass piece over it and then positioned the Silver ware over the glass surface. Then I used a 95 gsm translucent paper slanting over the silverware and I lit the shot with a single strobe light positioned above the paper with a snoot over it to create a vignette effect.

The shot was then cleaned up of dust and scratches in Photoshop and the double reflection because of the glass was also removed in Photoshop and Voila! there I had my final shot.

Andrey Mikhaylov

Website: andym.ru

Location: Krasnoyarsk, Russia

The main idea behind this shot was to show other people how they can be creative in product photography using simple stuff. Someone even can use similar technique to create stunning portraits and so on, your fantasy is a limit.

I hope to bring more interesting things to people!

Ian Knaggs

Website: ik-creative-photography.co.uk

Location: Leicester, United Kingdom

I’ve seen a lot of Alex’s videos where he describes using gradients on product images and as part of my ongoing quest to improve my lighting skills and develop a portfolio I decided to give it a go!

I decided to start with a simple subject and composition which allowed me to concentrate on getting the lighting right. The idea to use my salt & pepper grinders came to me while I was having dinner one day and I spotted the highlights on the grinders from the large glass doors in my kitchen.

Having chosen the subject I used a simple black perspex base (attached to the top of an old tripod). The background was a Translum sheet placed about 1.5m behind the subject so that there was no light spill from the main lights. The gradients were created by placing diffusers on either side of the subject and using 90x20cm speedlight softboxes in the vertical orientation angled at about 45deg to the diffusers.

The right light/diffuser was placed just out of shot camera right of slightly behind the subjects creating a gradient that starts from the very edge of the grinders. The left light was placed at the edge of the perspex and, because of the offset composition, was further away from the subjects. The right light was also moved a little further forward to produce a gradient a little further around the subject.

A single speedlight with Rogue grid (25deg) was placed on the floor under the perspex and pointed low on the background to produce the slight gradient on the background. I opted for this approach rather than a plain black background to give the subject some separation from the background.

Post production was minimal and mainly involved cleaning salt & pepper off the grinders. I could have saved myself this trouble if I’d cleaned them properly before shooting – I won’t make this mistake again! The only other addition in post was the gradient on the glossy surface on the right of the pepper grinder.

I wanted to create this using another snooted speedlight but I didn’t have enough light stands so added it in Photoshop.

I’m currently building a portfolio for my product website and am hoping to move into gaining paid work from this in the (near) future.

Peter Mester

Location: Los Angeles, California

Website: in progress

Generally speaking I,m a holistic health practitioner and I do photography as a hobby, but mostly landscapes on trips..
I got a job on the side some time ago to shoot for a pawnshop/jewelry shop and when I looked for ideas, luckily I bumped into the forum. I have gain a lot of knowledge there from members etc..

Since then, I shot things like glasses, which I also uploaded to Photigy Facebook page, those colorful crazy looking glasses. -)). I could not do those without being a member on this forum!

Anyhow, regarding this bracelet shot… A person hired me to photograph her 100’s of beads, bracelets, charms etc.. This is my biggest paying gig ever in photo business. I shot all of her stuff with white bg, which also could not be down without the help of the forum. This twisted bracelet you showing actually meant to be in my portfolio, it was not part of the job she hired me for.

I felt, I like to have some of these nice stones in my portfolio photographed in a little bit different from what I always seen, that’s how that picture came about.

This gig also allowed me to invest in 3 Einsteins so I can keep practice and gaining more experience.

Gabe Abadilla

Location: San Diego, California

Website: gabadilla.com

I chose the Estee Lauder Makeup as the subject, because I wanted to challenge myself with a difficult reflective product. Since I am still growing my portfolio, I wanted to focus on a cosmetic shot and aim for the perfect idealized look that is consistent in the industry.

Before I got started, I did some research to make sure I understood how Estee Lauder typically styles their products so that my attempt would fit into the same world.

This shot took quite a bit of styling to get the angle and mirror reflections just right. To achieve this, I set up a monitor with the camera live view so I can see tiny adjustments in real time. Once I had everything positioned framed correctly, I began to build the lighting setup. I believe this was a 6 light setup and I was able to capture everything in 1 main shot.

As far as retouching, I isolated the images, but kept their real reflections. I cleaned up manufacturer imperfections and added some selective dodge/burn to emphasize certain areas. I also made sure the brand logo was legible.

Marcin Kowalski

Location: Kristiansand, Norway

Website: virtualnorge.com

Inspiration for my “Grans beer” shot was photo “Out of the Ashes” by Justin VanAlstyne. For beginner in studio product photography this kind of BTS are really helpful.

At the start it turned out that I have some technical limitations because I did not have any diffuser panel. I decided to do them myself.

I bought a large piece of material similar to that which is used in softboxes and mounted double layer on the wooden frame. This diffuser gave me exactly the effect I was looking for.

After that I created similar lighting setup and I did 3 pictures for composite. One for background and wooden table, one for labels and one for bottle.

Working in Photoshop turned out to be a very interesting experience. Building this picture was kind of challenge but it was pure fun. I’m not beginner in Photoshop, but still I was learning something.

After the first publication on Photigy I received a lot of valuable advices how to improve this picture. After these changes the picture finally was ready.

To take this picture I used:

Canon 5DmkII
Canon 24-105/4L (~92mm, f11, 1/160s)
3x Godox Smart 300sdi
1x Speedlite 430exII
Savage black seamless paper
Softbox 60x90cm
Softbox 60x90cm (converted into a 30x90cm by covering half with black paper)
DIY diffuser panel 130x130cm

Doing this picture was great fun and an excellent form of learning :)

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