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Photography Assignment #26: Defying Gravity Cosmetics

This is the tutorial for Photigy Pro Club
Interactive Education Program, assignment #26

Defying Gravity Technique in Cosmetic Photography


Part One: One light shot (by Alex Koloskov)

Photography Assignment #26: Defying Gravity Cosmetics

Post-Production, a Video Tutorial by Ilya Plotnikov


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The Assignment:

Use a similar technique and shoot a set of any cosmetics, and get the similar effect of  gravity-defying stack. Make sure to use many pieces in your composition, and remember to share this assignment with you friends who might be interested. 

Things to learn: Composition of a random stack of items in the air. Right lighting for glossy and matte surfaces and do not forget about sexy gradients:-)


Deadline is 10/17/2015 

Assignment Submission

Deadline 10/17/2015

Submit your image for the review and critique on the forum. Note: Pro Corner membership is required to participate in this assignment 

You can work on this assignment and complete it later that the group. Please submit your result on a corresponded forum and it will be reviewed by the instructor.

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    Hi Team:
    Can you please provide details on the camera stand/set-up Alex uses for this project.


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