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Photography Assignment #30: Organic Image of your favorite thing

This is the tutorial for Photigy Pro Club Interactive Education Program, assignment #30

One Million Dollar Potato Strawberry

Dramatic shot of strawberry

What should be done for this assignment:

More Images from this Photo Assignment

Studio Photography school assignment result
Studio Photography school assignment result

Assignment Video Tutorial is available for Pro Club members

Studio Photography school assignment result

The Assignment:

Find an object as simple as a dirty potato and make an “Organic Portrait” of it. Objectives: 

1. Learn a dramatic lighting that will let you to shoot on a completely dark background different subjects.

2. Make an interesting, dramatic image of a very simple thing.

  Deadline is 02/10/2016

Assignment Submission

Deadline 02/10/2016

Submit your image for the review and critique on the forum. Note: Pro Corner membership is required to participate in this assignment 

Note: You can work on this assignment and complete it later that the group. Please submit your result on a corresponded forum and it will be reviewed by the instructor.

4 responses on "Photography Assignment #30: Organic Image of your favorite thing"

  1. Profile photo of Roman Sapronov

    Hi Alex. I did some series of images but you did scroll down while the online critique.

  2. Profile photo of Arash

    I can’t access to pro club and this assignment.
    I would be appreciate if it will be fixed.

    • Profile photo of Alex Koloskov

      I do not see any issue with your Pro CLub access, your subscription is current and you should have access to this assignment.
      BTW, you need to fix a last payment for a food photography course – it failed today.

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