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Making an Advertisement for Food Company: Wildberry Splash, assignment #50

This is a product photography tutorial for Pro Club 
Interactive Education Program, assignment #50

The Final Image


Instructors of the assignment

Alex-self-portrait Alex Koloskov, photographer

luciana ripoll Luciana Ripoll, retoucher

Tutorials for this assignment

Tutorial video, part 1

Making an Advertisement for Food Company: Wildberry Splash, assignment #50

Tutorial video, part 2


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The Assignment:

  • Grab any beverage you like and add different elements like splashes, props or whatever you think will fit to bring more coolness to a composition
  • As an option, you can use a light trigger to fire lights (very helpful if you don’t have an assistant)



Deadline is set to 08/14/2017

Assignment Submission

Deadline: 08/14/2017

Submit your image for the review and critique on the forum. Note: Pro Corner membership is required to participate in this assignment 

October 5, 2017

17 responses on "Making an Advertisement for Food Company: Wildberry Splash, assignment #50"

  1. Profile photo of Eydfinnur


    I have tried (a few times) to submit for assignment #50. I have checked my subscription and it seems ok, however, my files are not accepted. Please help me out. Deadline for submission is today!


    Eydfinnur Olsen

  2. Profile photo of Asif

    Hi Andrey,
    One more question. What is the best practice to copy the images from lightroom to photoshop. After doing the basic adjustments do we need to export them as TIFF file then copy to photoshop or should copy the RAW files?
    I see with RAW files photoshop document size is getting huge?

    • Profile photo of Andrey Mikhaylov

      Hey Asif,

      I think the best option is 16 bit TIFF files, but it really depends. Sometimes it’s just no necessary to export huge files if you’re not going to print your work or put it on a huge billboard. If you shot gradients and want to use in your composition as a background, for example, I would suggest you always export 16 bit because this way you’ll get smooth fall off without any posterization.

  3. Profile photo of Asif

    Any tip to make milk perfect white in photoshop. I am seeing some blue color tint in my images.

  4. Profile photo of Malcolm Catmur-Neame

    Hi, I am working on a version of the wild berry splash and have downloaded the video and post production -pro-club 50 the video is great and inspiring. We have recently discovered that our studio strobes light duration is to slow so have used speedlights until we upgrade our strobes. We have taken some fruit shots and splash shots and before attmepting to process the photos I tried watching the post production video and found I don’t understand what the presenter is talking about and the screens are not in english also using capture one rather than the usual PS/bridge/RAW editor. Do you have a version in english using photoshop as I can’t work with this video, sorry to moan but I need to see the post processing and composite process.

    Hope to hear form you, thanks Malcolm

  5. Profile photo of Suzanne Hambleton

    Can you include the link to the Pluto? And is there a trigger on the camera? does it work with a transceiver?

  6. Profile photo of Brian

    Hi! Would you explain why to add glue, and what the ratio might be? Thanks!

  7. Profile photo of Brian

    Deadline is set to 07/14/2017?

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