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Professional Portfolio Reviews from Wonderful Machine

Professional Portfolio Reviews from Wonderful Machine

We asked professionals at Wonderful Machine to review a few of portfolios from Pro Club members on Photigy.com, and they have selected two most interesting to review portfolios.

The review covers all areas for improving your online representation as a commercial photographer: look and feel, image to showcase, types of photography to have, what to show on “about” and “contact us” pages and many other useful recommendations.

Note: Available only for Photigy Pro Club members. Join here and learn more: Pro Club membership.

If you are interested in ordering a personal portfolio review, check out Wonderful Machine services provided for photographers.

Pro Club members have a special discount for any service from Wonderful Machine:

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Paul Williams Portfolio Review

Den Wagner Portfolio Review

2 responses on "Professional Portfolio Reviews from Wonderful Machine"

  1. Hello.
    Thanks to Alex courses and other photographers at Photigy I´m learning product photography more and more. The reason why I started with product photography is because I want to combine photography with logotype -and graphic design which is what i primary do. After watching those two reviews I thought, maybe there is some photographer who wants help with logotype design.
    If you are interested go to my portfolio at http://www.lukaszieba.se Maybe you will like what you see.

    My own photography portfolio is not yet ready for the world because I don´t have enough work to show.
    Keep on the good work everybody and keep smiling :-)
    Have a nice day!

    /Lukas Zieba

  2. Brilliant, I agree with all of what you say, it is nice to get an opinion from someone that gives you an answer to the problem as well. It looks like I have a lot of work on but it will be done. Thank you very much. :)

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