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How to photograph flowers

In this video tutorial, Alex will show you how to photograph flowers


Not necessary but it adds a bit of convenience that only professional product photographers can appreciate. Tethering ensures that your image files appear on your favorite post-processing application right after it is captured. It adds several conveniences.

First, your images are transferred seamlessly to your laptop. You can make several quick and necessary adjustments like white balance, cropping, lens profile corrections etc. right at the time of the shoot.

If your client is there with you at the shoot you have a way to show the work being done. Additionally, a larger laptop window allows you a better view of the images, in full screen to check for quality and for errors before it is too late.

The right Camera and Lens

Though any camera will do when shooting watches and small products such as these, you need the right lens. And the right lens is the one that comes with macro shooting properties. A true blue macro lens is one which has a very small working distance (from the subject to the lens) which in effect is able to produce a life-sized reproduction of the subject on to the sensor.

If you don’t have a true macro lens, then any lens that has the ability to shoot from a very close distance would be suitable. For the record, Knaggs uses a Nikkor 105mm macro lens paired with his Nikon D7000.

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