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Premium Workshops

for Photigy Learning Community Members

Premium Workshops for our Members

The Most advanced techniques, made easy to understand.

Watch our monthly creative workshops, where our instructors guide you through the entire process of creating stunning commercial-quality images–everything from composition to lighting to complete post production. Then join the fun by submitting your take on the workshop and participate in the live review and critique to gain valuable feedback on your efforts. 

And that’s not all. You can submit an assignment from ANY previous workshop at any time and receive a personalized critique to help you hone your skills.

New Pro Club Tutorial!

Creative Food Levitation & High Speed Photography

This tutorial is suitable for medium-level and advanced photographers. Basic knowledge of speed photography is good to have but if you would like to learn levitation product photography on a tabletop you can still take advantage of the techniques.
Workshop/Tutorial is included in Pro Club, Unlimited, and VIP memberships of Photigy. If you are a premium member, you do not need to purchase and it is already available on your account.

Workshop Date:

When: TBA | 1PM PST

Homework Review and Critique for Workshop #91

When: September 7, 2021 | 1PM PST

Where: Photigy Live

LIVE Talk and Critique for Workshop #91

When: TBA | 1PM PST

Where: Photigy Live

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