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Conceptual Advertising Watch Photography


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Photigy Online Workshop: Conceptual Advertising – Casio Watch

Instructor: Marios Karampalis

Marios KarampalisIn this series of videos Marisos Karampalis of File Photography Studio will show you how to take a basic product – in this case a Casio watch, and transform it from a ordinary product shot, into a conceptual advertising image that can make your work stand out from the crowd.

You will examine the basic problems that a photographer can have with any watch shot. These include the dealing with the reflective part of the bezel or circular band around the watch face and how stray reflections from the camera or other objects can get in the way of creating a great image.

How to deal with the crystal or glass that covers the face of the watch to insure no distractions or unwanted artifacts are captured, and getting the most out of the texture and subtleties of the wrist band of the watch. In this course you will see how to use diffusers with your strobes to get the best quality of lighting and bring out the subtle gradients to highlight the nuances of the product to the greatest degree.

To make this product shot conceptual, you will see how to create metallic islands for the watch to sit on, the container that the watch and islands are housed in, and using the water to create wave effects that bring this shot to life.

After taking a couple images to gain different lighting angles as well as additional images to add ripples to the water, you will see how to lay everything out in Photoshop and the steps that are needed to bring it all together into the final image you see above.

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Course Breakdown:

Total Running Time: 32min

Level: Intermediate 

  • Part 1: Introduction –4:23 –

    Examining the concept of what this course is all about. Here Marios Karampalis explains the end result that he is trying to accomplish and the technical difficulties that need to be overcome to accomplish the task. The goal of this kind of shoot is to take a basic product and enrich the overall look through the use of props and image effects to make the image more appealing to the person viewing the image.

  • Part 2: Gear – 4:42 –

    Taking a look at the equipment that Marios uses to capture this image. In this case he uses the following gear

    • Fuji GX 680 medium format camera with tilt-shift capacities.
    • Hasselblad medium format digital back.
    • 155mm lens
    • 2 Broncolor Unilite flash 1600 J
    • 1 Broncolor Mobilite 1600 j
    • 2 Walimax Pro Strip soft box 9 cm width x 22 cm long.
    • 1 Broncolor grafit A2 generator.
    • 3 white Plexiglass sheets (diffusers) 2mm thickness.
    • 3 Avengers C-Stands: A2018F CB. Also with D 520B 40″ extension grip and D200B Grip head
    • Tank with 3 layers of black matte for holding water.
  • Part 3: Props – 5:21 –

    What props and tools were used to create the shot.

    What’s included in this shoot are the tank that holds the water and a pair of islands that were made out of hexagonal nuts that were combined together using super glue into a rising tower with an opening in the center of each to hold the strap of the watch. Here Marios explains the basic set up of using the islands with the watch for the shoot as well as proper handling of the watch to ensure a nice clean shot.

  • Part 4: Lighting Set Up – 8:34 –

    Begins in fast forward where the setup is sped up while you watch. There are notes that are displayed on the screen that explain in part what is going on during each phase such as positioning the watch, leveling the camera, and focusing the camera. Then Marios explains in more detail, the lighting setup. He then shows the adding of the water and the creation of the ripples in the water to create the creative effect. Because his generator only handles three lights at one time, he shows you how to manage multiple shots using just three lights.

  • Part 5: Post Production – 8:24

    Now we look at what Marios does in Photoshop CC with the numerous images that he took in the last part. He begins by looking at the first image that was taken with the first three light set up. Next he adds additional shots and masks off parts to get the desired effect. Next he shows how he adds the ripples from the water to make the creative effect. Finally he explains the other changes that he made to the watch to make it look more professional looking.

Examples of some of the images used for the shot

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