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Skin Retouching Tutorial: Portrait with Google Glass

This is a skin retouching tutorial from Genia Larionova recorded for photographers for Photigy Pro Corner community. Genia demonstrated  an easy and quick way to enhance and saturate a texture of the subject, using my self-portrait as an example.

We included a full video (20 minutes) and original camera RAW and edited PSD (with layers) file to download and practice. This is not what we usually do, and I hope you guys like it. This is not a product photography, but the technique will work for any textured subject like fabric, leather, etc…

Below are before and after images, including close to 100% crop. Enjoy (or join and enjoy)


 Skin Retouching Tutorial: before and after

Skin Retouching Tutorial, beforeSkin Retouching Tutorial, after

 Skin Retouching Tutorial: before and after, close-up crop


 Skin Retouching Tutorial: The Video/span>

Skin Retouching Tutorial video

To watch this video and download source files, please login or join Pro Corner:






Soon I’ll share BTS video of how this portrait was captured in 5 minutes. It will be fun and a surprise, stay tuned!

5 responses on "Skin Retouching Tutorial: Portrait with Google Glass"

  1. donde puedo ver el video ?

  2. When. Can I be able to talk to you in live tv

  3. I’m so please you posted this. When I saw the shot a few days ago I really noticed the post production and really like it. Thank you again.

  4. Great video very informative.

    Genia would have to spend more time on my shot just to get the wrinkles out of my face, Now I know she is very good but nobody is that good :)


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