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Splash and Liquid Studio Photography Webinar

The Liquid Photography webinar is for photographers who want to take their photography business to a  higher level.

If you are a photographer with the desire and attitude to succeed, then this webinar is for you.

Be the one to stand out in the crowd

~Joel Osteen

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Webinar starts:

Friday July 11th, at 2 PM Eastern Time

2014/07/11 14:00:00

Why liquid & splash studio photography is a great skill to have for any photographer?

a story of how Alex Koloskov made hist first $1000 on liquid phootgraphy

Webinar Plan

Duration: 3 hours

Equipment for liquid splash photography

  • Camera set-up for high-speed strobe shooting

    All you need to know about your camera settings, from entry-level DSLRs to medium and large format cameras.

  • Best lenses for splash photography

    Will your kit lens work for splash shots? What are the best lenses for high-speed splash photography and why?

  • Lighting for high-speed splash photography

    What lighting can be used to freeze high-speed action? Will your strobe work for stopping the action? Speedlites, monolights, and high-end power generators will be reviewed.

  • Different types of liquids: what the difference are and what types are the best?

    Learn how thickness of the liquid affects the way it forms a splash. Learn the most common types of liquids used in splash photography.

  • Protecting your gear

    Splashes are awesome and fun to shoot, but one spill can kill your camera or lighting unit. Learn how to protect your equipment.


  • Carbonated water-submerged subject shot

    Interesting effects with carbonated water for liquid and product photography

  • Creating and shaping stunning splashes

    Best hand-made splashes you have ever seen: learn how to do them yourself!

  • Liquid splashes in product photography

    How to use splashes to create the best product shots and win clients

  • Using a water tank (fish tank) in commercial stock and product photography

    Cool looking waves are some of the best-selling of stock images. Learn how to create them!

  • Using liquid waves in product photography

    How to make a stunning product shot using liquid waves

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Learn how to create these stunning splash images from Alex Koloskov:


Will I be able to download the webinar videos after the event? 

- Yes, the whole webinar recordings will be ready to download two days after the event. You’ll be able to login to your Photigy account and download webinar’s videos (including a bonus) any time.

If I only have speedlites and an entry-level DSLR, will I be able to use the techniques in this webinar to do my own splash images? 

- Absolutely yes. In fact, most of the shots in the webinar will be done with speedlites to ensure anyone with a camera and basic strobe can do the same.

How I can ask question during the webinar?

- We will have a live chat where any participant can send messages to the instructor

Read FAQ on the left and ask question on this form if FAQ did not answer it


What lighting you will need to get the similar WOW images of splashes yourself?

Below are the list of least expensive speedlites and light modifiers that can be used to shoot splashes:

How easy to start with splash and liquid photography? 

This is a quick demonstration of how easy and cool to work with liquids, make stunning shots that bring you a stable income from stock photography market.

No special triggers, no expensive lighting, no macro lens – and awesome stock photos right from the camera.
Would you like to learn how to do liquid and splash photography that easy?

Everything will be covered on this unique webinar. You will see how you can make mind-blowing splash images with ANY strobe light - nobody can show you that much about liquid photography as I’ll do in 3 hours.

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