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Spring in Atlanta: blooming trees, beautiful girls and a photographer:-)

It was a  late sunny afternoon in North  Atlanta, when we had a nice walk and talk  with Irina, a good friend of us.  I had my camera and 2 Canon 580EX flashes attached like this, sun was one hour away from a horizon,  and full set of kids jumping around :-)

atlanta photographer kids group portrait
atlanta photographer kids group portrait

Irina showed us this beautiful place  near her house: a road surrounded by blooming trees and country style fences. After we got there, toddlers start jumping and running everywhere, girls posing, and me…  shooting!
I was selecting positions so the sun was on side, partially covered by blooming branches.

Portrait with blooming trees and blye sky
Portrait with blooming trees and blue sky

Exposure compensation was   (-0.5) for a camera and (+1.0) for a flash.   This gives me more control over the light,  also helped to make sky look deeper.
I had enough juice in 2 flash unit to overpower the sun, if needed:

Sunny portrait of a girl
Sunny portrait of a girl
life style portrait
Life style portrait

Blooming alley, after sunset:

Beauty portrait after sunset
Beauty portrait after sunset

people portrait photography
portrait photography Atlanta

The rest of this photoshoot is on our The PerfectPhotoBlog.com. It worth to see them all, believe me!

Equipment and shooting spec:

Camera gear:

All shots were done with: Av mode, shutter speed 1/500-1/4000 sec, F2.8-F4.0, depending of the DOF required, ISO 100, Auto WB.

Important!  Side flash unit (talking about how it was mounted on a bracket) was rotated toward a  master flash unit (attached to a camera hot shoe), so it can see the signal from a master unit. On a mster I’ve made small foil leave and attached it to an opposite side of the IR transmitter, so it reflected the signal right to a slave. Without it there is no way each flash can communicate with each other in direct sunlight.

Any comments?

2 responses on "Spring in Atlanta: blooming trees, beautiful girls and a photographer:-)"

  1. Can you tell me where these photos were taken? I’ve been looking for something like this! Thanks!

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