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Studio Basics Photo Challenge #13: Cup of Tea

The idea behind the “Photo Challenge” is to get photographers out of their comfort zone and make them think outside the box.

Studio Basics Challenge #13: Cup of Tea

Deadline for submissions: 04/18/2016

Challenge announcement and BTS

Final image

To see behind the scene tutorial and participate in this challenge, please log in to your Studio Basics account.

Studio Basics

To watch BTS and submit your shot for the challenge

This event from Photigy Studio Basics program

The main rules of this challenge are:

  • Be creative
  • Include lighting setup with your submission and “as-is” out of the camera image (shots without lighting setup will not be accepted)
  • To submit your shot and get it reviewed by Photigy Experts, you have to be a member of Studio Basics or Pro Club community.

Take this Challenge!

(Studio basics or Pro Club membership is required)

Most Common Questions and Answers

Who can participate in the event?

The event is for Pro-Club and Studio Basics members.

However… If you don’t have a premium membership, you still will be able to watch the Critique & Review video of the images submitted by the participants and get useful information out of it.

How much time do I have to complete the challenge?

You have 1.5 weeks to submit your work.

What the link to join the live broadcast?

The button will be placed on the bottom of this page. Broadcast is open to everyone!

How fast my internet connection should be? Can I watch the event from a mobile device?

To watch the video in HD quality, you need to have at least 3Mb/s download speed internet connection. However, even on much less speeds you’ll be able to watch the broadcast, the video quality will adjust automatically to fit in your channel.

How often will the challenges be held?

Challenges will be held twice a month but frequency of the event may change.

I am a “Studio basics member”, where do I submit my challenge photo?

Please go to this forum, and create a topic naming it with your name – or nickname, and post a final image for the challenge with images from the lighting setup and a description of how you created the photo

If I am a “Pro Club”, can I participate in this challenge?

Yes, absolutely. Submit your work on the same forum for this challenge, and it will be reviewed under a special “Pro” category.

5 responses on "Studio Basics Photo Challenge #13: Cup of Tea"

  1. Hi Alex, it seems that there is only a preview of the video, I can not see it…

  2. Hi Alex, it seems the videolink is “dead”.

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