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Multiple Exposures (Composite Image) Assignment results: Review and Critique

Multiple Exposures (Composite Image) Assignment results: Review and Critique

Studio Photography Assignment Results: Composite Shot

The Assignment: Restaurant-style shot of food/drink/dishes etc on a table. The final image should be composed from 2 shots: the first one is to be (or should appear to be) the interior of a restaurant, which will serve as a background for the second shot, composed in a studio, with the subject of your choice.

When blended together, the final image should look like the subject was photographed in the restaurant you’ve selected for the background.

Check out the lighting setups and behind the scenes descriptions and photos of the lighting setups that led to the final image on the Pro Corner forum topic here: Composite Shot: Deadline 31 JANUARY 2014 (Note: you must be logged in into your Pro Corner account to access this forum)


 By France Freeman  



By Mike Smith          



Studio Photography Assignment Critique/ReviewVideo:


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Studio Photography Assignment

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Studio Photography Assignment Post-Production




 And the winner, who will receive a virtual $25000 for this assignment is…  France Freeman with her shot:



Congratulation, France!

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  1. Great tutorial !!! I am Gonna have a Try !

  2. Beautiful choices!! Congrats to the winners.

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