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Studio Photography Contest Winners: Still Life Seasonal Liquor (December 2013)

 Still Life Seasonal Liquor (December 2013) Photography Contest Winners are announced!


This contest was aimed at non-professional photographers – mainly those who have to improvise with DIY solutions to overcome the limitations of their current equipment, but of course anybody could participate. For the Official Rules, please visit our Forum (Still life featuring a seasonal liquor December 2013), where you can also find lighting set ups as well as an inspirational video.

Below are the winners that we selected through live video hangouts (you can view the broadcast below). Judges included Dave Nitsche, Timothy Kou, Joshua Geiger, Flo (Rontz laMuherta), Genia Larinova, and Alex Koloskov.

Congratulations to Everyone Who Won and Participated!

 First Place

Blushing by Kathy Place



Portfolio pictures Stephan Berglund

Community Choice Winner (+38 votes)

Autum liquor by By Remi Poulverel

By Remi Poulverel



Fun Part: Studio Photography Contest Winners Selection Part I 


Fun Part: Studio Photography Contest Winners Selection Part II


 View All of the Submissions Below:

For Behind the Scenes and Lighting Set Ups Visit our Forum



Many thanks to our sponsor, world’s largest online store for photographers, BHphotovideo.com!
We shop there because B&H have the best prices on the best gear… for best photographers! :-)


Thank you Everyone Who Participated! What do we want to shoot on next context? Post your ideas on the comments below.

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2 responses on "Studio Photography Contest Winners: Still Life Seasonal Liquor (December 2013)"

  1. So many awesome entries, Congrats to all :)) Thank you so much for first place, I feel so honored and still very excited about it. I can’t wait for the next contest ;))

  2. Congrats to all!
    beautiful work!

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