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Studio Photography Insights on Google plus #4

This is our fourth “Studio Photography Insights” Google plus hangout (previous one is here).

Studio Photography Insights hangout

It was fun, as usual:-) I also did a little presentation on how we created splashes for liquid snail shot (left on a banner) on a black background, and here is one of the as-is pieces we got, as-is but slightly cropped:

Liquid Gremlin in red splash shot

Studio splash photography hangout demonstration outcome image

If you’d like to join hangout¬†you need to be in my special “Studio hangout” circle,¬†which¬†I am filling with fellow¬†photographers¬†and amateurs who interested in studio photography.
I assume you are one of us if you read my blog, so most likely you’ll be qualified and added immediately. To get in, you need to find me on G+ (it is¬†easy) and ask to be added to “Studio hangout” circle.

P.S Slawo Krolik asked for 100% crops, here they are, crop form Capture One generated tiff:



2 responses on "Studio Photography Insights on Google plus #4"

  1. wow thats a very informative video, Alex i just wanted to ask, a couple of month ago you said that you will be making an e book on the product photography class, is that still in the pipeline?

  2. Wow, that was fast. Thanks a lot, Alex.

    Thats really clear! I have to re-read your tests and go back to try again.

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