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Studio Photography Insights on Google plus: your weekly show from our studio

Every Wednesday at 10PM Eastern time( -5 GMT) me and Dave Nitsche are hosting a “Studio Photography Insights” Google plus hangout. The idea is to have dedicated to studio photography video podcast, where we’ll be discussing all the aspects of studio photography: technical challenges, techniques, unveil behind the scene info of interesting shots, etc. Beside a talk, I’ll be doing live demonstrations, right from a studio. Short, but interesting shots, with explanation of what I am doing:-)

Studio Photography insights
Studio Photography insights

We already had 2 events, first was posted on MasteringSplash.com (see here) , second you’ll see below on this post. Again, podcast will be going online at Google plus, every Wednesday, at 10PM eastern time (-5 GMT), and everyone who interested can join us. However, only 10 people can be on a hangout at the same time (limitation of G+) so you better be ready to react fast when you’ll see my invitation:-)

To be invited, you need to be in my special “Studio hangout” circle,¬†which¬†I am filling with fellow¬†photographers¬†and amateurs who interested in studio photography. I assume you are one of us if you read my blog, so most likely you’ll be qualified and added immediately. To get in, you need to find me on G+ (it is easy) and ask to be added to “Studio hangout” circle. I still have few thousands seats available :-)

To make this show more interesting, we need active participants to join us on the hangout, people who have some experience (not required)  and passion (required) in studio photography: those who will be ready to join our discussion. There is no reason to be on a hangout only to watch and listen: broadcast or recording is much more convenient way to do so, right?

Every event will be broadcast live on  Google plus in realtime as well as recorded and posted on the blog. It will be hard to miss it :-)

Studio Photography Insights G+ hangout #2

So, what we did during this one? I’ve¬†repeated¬†the image of the¬†bottle of Vodka (see above) using only 2 Canon speedlites and $5 DIY light modifiers. The result is below, AS-IS, unedited but converted from camera RAW:

Shooting glass - studio photography insights
Shooting glass – studio photography insights


Now, the video, full 50 minutes. Please do not bother watching if you¬†can’t¬†tolerate my accent: it comes with the package:-)

The translucent plastic I was using for DIY saberstrip is this one: ¬†Savage Translum Diffusion – 54″ x 18′ Roll, thank you +Danny Brown for the reminder!

Another announce

is about our new e-store at masteringsplash.com: I decided to let readers to buy articles from “Splash Master’s Corner”, as an alternative way to monthly subscription.¬†Now you can buy any individual article you‚Äôd like to read. Just go to our¬†e-Store¬†and ¬†select which one you like, pay $9.95¬†and download¬†instantly¬†after the payment (via PayPal)¬†¬†is made:

Buy premium liquid photography tutorials on MasteringSplash.com
Buy premium liquid photography tutorials on MasteringSplash.com

BTW, Photography Liquids:¬†tutorial¬†#1 is a really cool 20 min walk-through¬†of the shot, I should probably sell it for more than $7…

All the best!


8 responses on "Studio Photography Insights on Google plus: your weekly show from our studio"

  1. He he he I love the bottom comment made by u under the movie :P “Please do not bother watching it…” Great tut and conversation thx for sharing. Alex how you call this plastic u are using when shooting jewellery? Some people say it is opal plastic but I can’t find it in any DIY shop here, help please! Have a good one!

  2. LOVE the accent Alex. I’ve watched it twice just for that! Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing.

  3. the easy’st way to take of the label of is with hot water keep the half side of the botle in hot water for 3-4 mimnutes and will be easy to take it off, i like your home made saber light:)
    when is the next broad cast on the g+? I whould like to see it live.

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