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Studio Photography Insights: shooting fabric, clothing and shoes

Even though the hangout was about our weekly assignment, a “telling story shoe shot” , the approach and techniques on how to shoot shoes can be applied to any subject with textured surface; fabric, clothes, etc. Take a closer look to this video if you are struggling to show a good amount of texture on the subject.

This time we had +Bill Cahill joined us, and I enjoyed to hear such a different (but not always) approach and view from +Dave Nitsche and Bill on the same images we were discussing. Things like this are truly mind-opening and very useful for any photographer.
Glad to have you guys on the show!



Studio Photography Insights Video

The next week assignment is:

Creative shot of any cleaning solution (Windex for example). Listen to Dave Nitsche giving the assignment at the end of our hangout. It should not be catalog-like shot, it is not interesting and not going to make you a good advertisement photographer:-) Lets think creative, make an image which will immediately catch viewers attention.

Here is the forum submission page. Note: please add your name to the image you submit. It can be a small corner watermark or image’s filename can contain your name. This way I can tell who’s image is this during the review.

Have a good weekend my friends!


1 responses on "Studio Photography Insights: shooting fabric, clothing and shoes"

  1. Hi Alex!

    I wondered where I can find the assignment tutorial on photographing shoes?

    Many thanks

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