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Studio Photography Insights: shooting sunglasses

This week assignment was a sunglasses shot. We even had a little demonstration from my one light shot during the hangout.

Studio Photography Insights Video:

Lighting setups and behind the shot info is on the corresponded forum thread: The sunglasses shot

The next week assignment is:

A food shot. Lets learn how to prop and style the food, how to make it look juicy and tastier than real. Here is the Michael Ray portfolio for your education and inspiration: The Food photographer. Do not copy, but get inspired:-)

Next week I’ll be out for a G+ photographer’s conference , and the next hangout and submission review will be the week after, Wednesday 30th of May. There are plenty of time, so please do not give us an excuse that you had no time to get the job done:-)

2 responses on "Studio Photography Insights: shooting sunglasses"

  1. [img]http://b104.photo.store.qq.com/psb?/V12f59om4CGNgy/KXoaKzyVwOjY91a4oQ2bD6u*f8Ksj9I3GA1.zzlLXqc!/b/YWlXBj7wJwAAYi7cBz6tJwAA[/img]
    These are my photography for sunglass.

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