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Sexy Bottle as a Glassware Shot

Sexy Bottle as a Glassware Shot

This is what I did for our last assignment for Studio Photography Insights:

Glass photography by Alex koloskov
Weekly assignment for studio photography insights

We had many ideas, from sweating bottles leaning one against another, but we ended up with tears on them. Below is video of the entire process of how this shot was created.

Behind the scene video

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11 responses on "Sexy Bottle as a Glassware Shot"

  1. Dear alex! i am a Amateur Photographer from Pondicherry,INDIA. I love to see your shots its really nice and i have gained some knowledge your retouch works its really amazing. I have 1 question, for this Vodka Bottle shot why you cut the background( the black mate) and why you added lights in background if you want a glare or lights you can add it in Post production..?i can understand your mood you want to customize the flare and lights but there is some other possibilities also available for the glare or flare effects using third party plugins. i dont understand why ..? can you explain me why..?

  2. Hello, Alex!

    Please, let me ask you in Russian:
    Скажите, пожалуйста, что это за черная ткань на веревках, которая натянута вдоль стен?
    Плотная, тонкая? Ну то есть это врядли бархат, верно, но основа у нее вцелом какая?
    Вы покупали ее лично в магазине тканей или через инет-магаз? сколько стоил метр?

    Я прост хочу использовать аналогичные тканевые ширмы + стараюсь понять будут ли они работать еще и как занавески на окна, не пропускающие свет.


    • Artemiy,
      Sorry, I’ll use English:-) It was a regular muslin from Joan’s store. It works fine to cover white walls, and I have curtains on the windows, whihc helps too. Meaning without curtains this muslin won’t be enough to block light from windows.
      Price .. I do not remember, but it was not expensive at all.

  3. Thank you! For me it was very helpful! :))

  4. good work … thank you so much… it is very useful…

  5. Alex, I like your idea with the splits of back light. I have got many things from you. Thank you very much and good luck.

  6. Thanks, post very very good.
    I’m in Brazil.


  7. Great light set up. Technically perfect.

  8. Alex,

    Somehow the bottoms of the bottles don’t look quite right. They look like they were dropped into the background. Just my opinion.

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