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Studio Tabletop Photography on Photigy LIVE: shooting self-illuminated subject

 Tabletop studio photography hangout, the video


This week assignment was a “the lamp (self-illuminated subject)” shot, and below are the best from the submissions. ¬†



 We had a serious challenge finding the one winner, and we failed:-) The good thing is that more participants won: instead of one big prize we decided to split it and add one prize from photogy.com. Here we go, below our winners.

1st place shared between two assignment winners:

Noah Katz

Noah Katz winner shot
Noah Katz winner shot


 Paul Whittingham

Paul Whittingham winner shot
Paul Whittingham winner shot


Congratulations, Noah and Paul! I’ll send you a links and you are going to select the prizes each worth $80+ from BHphotovideo.com, our sponsor of the show.


The second place winner: Sylvain Millier 

Sylvain Millier winner shot
Sylvain Millier’s winner shot

¬†Sylvain Millier will get one month of PHOTIGY Pro premium membership¬†($35 worth), and now he’ll be able to access to all of our tutorials posted in Pro Corner. Congratulations, Sylvain!

Each of the winners got a piece of critique from us, make sure to watch the hangout to learn what could be improved on each of these shots. 

The next assignment (deadline 8/22/2012): 

A ring shot. Lets practice in jewelry photography: it can be with or without gemstone, classic or creative (creative is better:-) shot of the ring. There are tons of free tutorials for jewelry photographers we have here on photigy (check out our “Jewelry” tutorials) as well as¬†comprehensive¬†e-book, called “DIY Solutions for jewelry¬†photographer“.¬†

The winner(s) will receive $150 worth of goods from BHphotogtraphy.com, and may be more: we constantly working on finding more¬†sponsors¬†of the show, meaning sooner or later we’ll have even more prizes.¬†

Submit your assignment: Photigy Forum

All the best to everyone!


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