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Super Glossy Kitchenware Photography: Friday Photo talk #9

This time we did a photo shoot of a super glossy french press coffeemaker. Learn how to shoot glossy chrome metal, to make it look nice, bright and shiny.

Every Friday at 1Pm Pacific time we talk about photography: Industry news, new projects, photography techniques and of course critique for your images. Tune into Photigy Youtube channel and join us live!

Join us every Friday at 1PM PST at Youtube Photigy channel LIVE: http://www.youtube.com/c/photigy/live


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2 responses on "Super Glossy Kitchenware Photography: Friday Photo talk #9"

  1. I love how easy you make it look Alex and you save us loads of messing about and learning time. Overtime you make one of these videos I learn or get reminded of something that I forgot.

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