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The best way to use color gels in studio photography. Here is why…

The best way to use color gels in studio photography. Here is why…

Color gels is a great tool to go creative in studio photography, and in this video I’ll show you how to get a gel for your softbox. Easy, non-expensive and effective.

How to use color gels to create dramatic gradients

The outcome from 1 minute photo-shot.

Take it as an idea for your next creative work!


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4 responses on "The best way to use color gels in studio photography. Here is why..."

  1. Hi Alex,

    I’ve watched your tutorial, it’s a really cool technique. I have only a question: regarding the translucent background, do you advise anyone specifically? (I struggled a bit to find a translucent background In the shopping sites).
    Another question: I was thinking to use the technique to light the background shooting models. In this case, what kind of main light would you advise? (e.g. a standard softbox with flags to avoid to light the background)



  2. Very creative idea and memorable tutorial!! Thanks Alex for your post.

  3. Hi Alex,
    If it helps any of your students I can recommend an app called Swatch made by Wybron (they also make colour changers for theatre use). The app shows all the colours available from all the manufacturers like Lee, Rosco, Gam and Apollo. Each manufacturer then has several ranges of colours. These can all be ordered from any theatre hire shop either as a sheet as in the video or as a roll, so if you have very large soft boxes then you can cover these. I use the gel in roll form as a background in itself sometimes, it can work really well. I just thought this might help people to see what colours are available – literally hundreds if not thousands and you can also buy sheets of frost which can make great diffusers as well as sheets of neutral density filter as well as an added flexibility in the studio.

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