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The Making Of: Dior Hydra Cream Shot (Premium Content)

The Making Of: Dior Hydra Cream Shot (Premium Content)

This video features behind the scenes material of the Dior Creme shot you see below:

Dior Creme Liquid Flower

Liquid flower dior creme by Alex Koloskov


The video featured the whole shooting process which was taped during the shot, and a quick post-production outline.

BTS Video

10 responses on "The Making Of: Dior Hydra Cream Shot (Premium Content)"

  1. hi Alex could pls put the link of shop you got the plastic sheet of defuser?

  2. Hi,

    I’m a member of ProCorner and can’t watch this video. Could you please fix this?

  3. Is this normal, that I can not watch this video? I/m member of pro corner.

  4. Great ! It’s not just the lightening or the postproduction that makes your tutorials so helpful, it’s all the little things in between also. Like the can with the spoon you use for shaping the petals int this tutorial…so again, thank you !

  5. Thank you so much Alex,
    You taught me everything is possible in photography, if we think about it and find a good solution


  6. Hy Alex, haw can i have the video on my pc? :) Because is hard to log in every time i want to rewatch the video. Is it posible to send it or download it?
    Regards from Romania. :)

    • Sorry, but this is how it works: you have an access to all these materials in Pro Corner, but can’t have physical files. To actually own a tutorial, it cose much more (if you look at the prices on these tutorials at our e-store).
      Thank you!

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