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The Making Of: Advertisement Nescafe Advertising Photoshot

The Making Of: Advertisement Nescafe Advertising Photoshot

Steam and smoke is a way less popular theme in advertising than splash but equally interesting.

This is a short behind-the-scene from one of photography advertisement jobs we had in past for one of our clients. We made it for you to inspire and show a little bit of the  creation process of  Nescafe coffee, Enjoy!

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The Final Image


1. Concept & previsualization

The idea was to create a coffee bean made out of steam went from a coffee cup.

The image supposed to to be used in a variety of formats so we decided to shoot every part of the composition separately. That would allow us to compose object for all vertical and horizontal formats.
Coffee jar had several absolutely different materials within itself: glass, plastic, glossy metallic paper and coffee granules. It was essential to make sure every of those parts would look the best of possible. Sometimes it make sense to set a lighting scheme for every part of the object and compose them in Photoshop.

2. Photography

As for the cup the only complexity was to take a few shots with different shape of coffee foam just to be sure there will be a choice.

3. Special Effects

For creating a nice steam we used Condor Foto special effect. There are two separate liquids that produces smoke while being put close to each other.

4. The Final “Assembly” of a composite image

Then we had to compose all elements together.

When the composition Was done we made final color correction.

Animated Post-Production

Agency: McCann
Art Director: Ivan Zarutskiy
Production: Park Production
Photography and post production: Ilya Plotnikov and Max Plotnikov (Doberman Studio)

7 responses on "The Making Of: Advertisement Nescafe Advertising Photoshot"

  1. Thanks Max & Ilya for sharing your awesome techniques with us.

  2. This is a great BTS as to understand how everything work out till the final image. A very good idea.

  3. Wow, thank you for this impressive BTW. :-)

  4. Great BTS – great job. I like that Condor smoke effect product – I wonder if I can find this in North America.

    How did you make the smoke into that coffee bean shape? Just played with a few layers composite wise?

  5. I love those Making of posts. Great job. Thanks.

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