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The making of: X-rated Liqueur alcohol beverage shot

This is behind the scene of the X-rated French liqueur shot.

x-rated liqueur-beverage photography by alex-koloskov

The making of X-rated Liqueur alcohol beverage shot


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October 6, 2017

7 responses on "The making of: X-rated Liqueur alcohol beverage shot"

  1. Alex, I was curious to your thoughts on the dark patch in the bottle, above the neck and below the cap. What made you leave that in? It seems distracting to me and ruins the cleanliness feel of the image.

    • @Ben W, I believe the dark spot you are talking about is actually the cork down in the bottle. It’s creating the dark spot because it’s keeping the light from passing through.

    • @Ben W, I believe that is caused by moisture trapped between the inside of the bottle and the cork. It forms a reflecting surface which cannot be removed without opening the bottle. Since it is a ‘feature’ often seen inside any cold bottle, for me, it adds authenticity and is not a distraction.

    • @Ben W, We did not remove it as it was natural “gap” in a cork. May be it was too big, big enough for removal.. not sure. We did not notice much it, but now I see it every time I look at the photo:-) In any case, glad you raised “awareness” to this: I always prefer to see more :-)

  2. Alex, what software is on the monitorat the beginning of videos?

  3. Nice setup! fun to se the ice and hot water thats really creative!

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