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Tonight, PHOTIGY LIVE hangout: How to Sell Images

We’ve got great people joining us and we’ll be talking about one of the most interesting topics in the photography world: How to sell images.

Most people with camera are capable of creating amazing images. Maybe not every click (who does ?:-) but we all have a library of shots we’re proud of.
However, few photographers knows how to make their images work for them and generate income.
We have invited people who know how to sell images and they are going to share their knowledge and secrets with us.

Here are the topics we have for now:

  • How to start making money form your photo library: what is your direction, pros/cons, how much each market can generate revenue (based on your own experience), etc.
  • Did you try micro and macro stocks? Which market is easier to enter? Which brings more revenue for you? Any other image web sale options you tried? How does it work for you?
  • Selling prints: How profitable is it? What service do you use and why?
  • What would be your suggestion for those who are new to stock photography market?

Our guests: +Patricia Davidson , +Trey Ratcliff , +Thomas Hawk +Victor Bezrukov +Jay Patel +Nicole S. Young.  As usual, +Dave Nitsche and I will be hosting the hangout, Noah Katz will be helping us to answer your questions during the hangout.

6 responses on "Tonight, PHOTIGY LIVE hangout: How to Sell Images"

  1. I noticed that nobody mentioned the PhotographersDirect.com site.
    UK based. I would describe them as a portal for buyers to connect with photographer directly for the image they like. PD has few options of membership. Free – when they charge you a 20% commission OR payed option $400 or $500 a year but you do not pay a commission fee.
    The good thing about them is that you do not upload originals to their site, only 500px on the longest side for preview. All sales are rights managed.
    Bad thing is that they will not accept photographers who is selling micro-stock.

    In my opinion it’s worth to check them out if you are not shooting micro-stock and llooking to sell your work.

  2. Hi Alex,

    You mentioned that on Russian stock sites, there is a lot of discussion about what works, what doesn’t. Could you possibly post a link to those discussions? I don’t speak Russian, but some of my best friends do!


  3. Great debate! Watched it all. Altruism does exist; how generous was everyone to give up their secrets. It was amazing, informative, intellegent and great fun. It’s certainly got me thinking, although I’m a million miles from a passive income. I’m a long way from the lofty heights of such distinguished professionals but they have inspired me no end and I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do to be outstanding. Thank you.

  4. A bit late to the show, not sure if this was touched on earlier. Do you feel that it is better to focus on a single microstock site or submit to several? Which site(s) are the ‘best’?

  5. Hi Alex, I’d like to ask the following question:
    I do mainly stock photography and I would prefer to sell images directly rather than through stock libraries. What is the best way to use social media such as Twitter/FB/G+ to promote my photography website?

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