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Top 10 ‘Liquid’ Images from Masters for Inspiration

This is a list of the best liquid splash images from different photographers for your inspiration.  November, 2011.

1. Source: www.schafrick.com

2. Source: www.bill-cahill.com

3. Source: www.platinumfmd.com.br

4. Source: www.kolygroup.com


5. Source: http://setinice.com

6. Source: www.keate.net

7. Source: www.marcelchrist.com

8. Source: www.jmv-studio.com


9. Source: www.joergkritzer.com

10. Source: http://artjazz.com.ua



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4 responses on "Top 10 'Liquid' Images from Masters for Inspiration"

  1. Great look this will be fun to try !

  2. Your graphic artist is a genius. The woman’s shirt is simply photoshop magic!

  3. I would love to learn to do that. The pitchers, I assume are a double exposure. I’ve been playing with that. It’s big fun.

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