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Top 13 "Milk Splash" images from the best photographers

This is a list of the best milk splash images from different photographers around the world for your inspiration. December, 2011.


Not safe for American workers:-). Be careful when scrolling, there is some beautiful nudity.


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December 16, 2011

6 responses on "Top 13 "Milk Splash" images from the best photographers"

  1. hi, i am new in photigy club :), awesome work, i like it and want to learn this kind of post production :P

  2. Alex, can you explain how images 1, 9 & 10 were made. I especially like the form of the milk in the images.

    • Steve,
      I can only guess, as these are not the photos I’ve made. I know there was a lot of post-production and manipulation, which is not diminish the greatness of the result .. at least for me:-)

      • I agree with you: the photos are magnificent. These photographers (and you) are truly talented artists and visionaries. However, I would like to make some of my own images where the milk / water becomes the model’s clothing . Any suggestions or ideas as to how I might learn how to do this without having to travel overseas and attend an expensive seminar? I note that Andrey displays some of his post production work on his website which I found informative.

        Thank you.


  3. Alex,

    Any chance #10 model is from the US? Any contact info?



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