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Photigy School Of Photography Forums Premium Courses Support Tabletop Photography for Beginners Tabletop Photography for beginners, Lecture two: Bottle of Red Wine

Tabletop Photography for beginners, Lecture two: Bottle of Red Wine

This topic contains 31 replies, has 16 voices, and was last updated by  debbie goldman 2 years, 11 months ago.

Photigy School Of Photography Forums Premium Courses Support Tabletop Photography for Beginners Tabletop Photography for beginners, Lecture two: Bottle of Red Wine

This topic contains 31 replies, has 16 voices, and was last updated by  debbie goldman 2 years, 11 months ago.

  • #38643
    Alex Koloskov

    I’ve separated the video to 4 parts, so it will be easier to go through each.

    Please go through each episode, feel free to post any questions you may have.  Later this week we’ll have G+ hangout where I’ll be answering your questions. The hangout will be around 8-10PM Eastern time (-5GMT), please make sure to post your questions to corresponding forum topic if you will not be able to attend the hangout: this way I’ll answer the questions and you’ll watch my answer later.

    Be ready to get the homework assignment ready for next week.

    Lecture 2.0: Introduction

    Lecture 2.1:…

    The Lighting magician

  • #38647


    My label is white and very wide so I not sure how to go after it but your label are narrow and black which I think can help. I’m going back to take a another look at this.

    This will really be a learning skill for me.



  • #38653

    I also have a white wide label, with gold letters on it, and wondering how to go about it. Thanks!

  • #38654
    Bernd Markgraf

    I have nearly white (well eggshell or whatever that colour is called ;-) ) letters, a golden embossed lion and a red embossed “seal” on the label. It took some careful lighting and adjusting/moving the label light to get it nice. Also getting the label light as soft as possible help with the sparkling on the golden bits.

    The label on my bottle is also rather wide, so it cuts into to reflected rim light giving a diffused look on the label. Need longer lights as well…

  • #38660
    Alex Koloskov

    This si OK to have larger table and white, it is not going to change much of the approach. Shoot it, do the best you can and we’ll review the results.

    The Lighting magician

  • #38675
    Bernd Markgraf

    I too have only 3 light atm. For the black background, that’s easy. For the with bg I moved everything closer to the background so that pointing the lights on each side hit the background. Nice side effect was that the rim on the bottle was nice and thin.

  • #38678
    Cris Anzai

    Hi Alex and everyone,


    Here are my assignment shots. I only had 3 strobes so I cleaned up backgrounds in post for the black and white shot. Then i read Bernd’s comment 

    Bernd Markgraf said
    I too have only 3 light atm. For the black background, that’s easy. For the with bg I moved everything closer to the background so that pointing the lights on each side hit the background. Nice side effect was that the rim on the bottle was nice and thin.

    And for the “classic” and the “creative” shot, I moved the softboxes closer to the wall and this was a great tip! 
    I’m not sure how you make the reflection in post processing. Do you have a tutorial for this? I’m not that great in using Photoshop elements so any tips would be helpful. 


    On White: 



    On White Set Up




    On Black:




    On Black Setup – same as on white, except I added black on the wall and black foam boards behind the softboxes




    Classic shot:




    Classic Shot setup – I forgot to take a picture, but I recreated the set up here. I used 3 strobes. One to over expose the background. One with a softbox angled away from the subject. I used a white foam board to and placed it about in the middle of the softbox. And I had one strobe at the bottom (no grid). If we are going to use grids a lot, I will purchase one. My main question is how do I remove the hotspot on the cap of the wine bottle. The bright area (do i need a grid?)




    Creative: The leaves are changing in my area and I wanted to pick some colors that matched the top part of the bottle. 




    Creative Setup: Almost identical set up as on white, but closer to the wall. I used a counterweight to hold the wine in all my shots. In the creative shot, I took a piece of plexiglass and taped it to the counterweight. Then I put a bamboo table runner on top of the plexiglass and the wine and props. 




    Thanks for your critique,


    Cris Anzai

  • #38685
    Alex Koloskov

    Bernd Markgraf said
    I too have only 3 light atm. For the black background, that’s easy. For the with bg I moved everything closer to the background so that pointing the lights on each side hit the background. Nice side effect was that the rim on the bottle was nice and thin.

    Viva, Brend,

    Just use a third light to highlight the label, take it form a background. Two on a sides, one in front below. The main idea is to get bottle done right, background is not that important. 

    The Lighting magician

  • #38690

    Hi Alex and everyone


    here are my attempts at the assignment i hope they are close enough to what is required

    Disaster struck as my 35mm camera Nikon d100 has stopped working so the shots supplied were taken with my point and shoot Canon G3 it is only 4mp so the images are quite small but the lighting is what i hope is ok and the order of the pics is not quite right





    creative black bg



    setup 2



    setup 3


    white bg



    Black bg


  • #38692

    This is my first one 

    i was fortunate enough to find this bottle in the liqueur store


  • #38693

    this is the second one


  • #38694

    Hi Alex and everyone!!!!!!!

    This is my red wine on a white background. The rest will be later today.


  • #38695
    Bernd Markgraf



    so here are my results for the first assignment.

    First the setup. The setup was basically the same for all shots. Variation was to flip the reflector to the black side and adjust the distance angle of the lights to the background. The kids chairs left an right behind the table held my flags to shield off the light from black background. Two white cardboard reflectors were held in front of the lights (sorry I lacked a few arms to hold them up for the setup shot ;) )

    I should also think of a good way to block out the ceiling from the shots.



    First the shot on white and black background.



    Next the “classic” look



    The creative shots – as the fake reflections in the previous shots didn’t make me happy I tried 2 variants on a real piece of mirror. This resulted in the comment “That looks like boring print ads” by my wife.




    So I went for a third attempt – I shot the same decorated bottle on black and white background and merged the im Photoshop with a simple gradient layer mask.



    Two outtakes from the creative shots with a gradient on the background set up on a mirror. This setup didn’t really work for me. But guys were fun ;-) (Also when you use a green Lego bucket to support your reflector make sure none of the glasses refracts the light in a way you can look under table ;-) )


  • #38696

    this is red wine on a black background. lightingsetup is the same only different color of background.


  • #38698





  • #38699

    Hi, its a composite of 2 images.





  • #38701
    Debasish Halder



    Here is my attempt on the same . Since I had dismantled my lighting setup so I have sketched the lighting setup with my comments(sorry it doesnt look that clean). I will try to update it before Thursday if possible and replace it if possible.

    The lighting diagram only shows the setup for the black background picture. The difference with the white background setup is that I had  removed the small piece of black foam board from the front of the soft box.

    The reflection in the black bottle is created in paintshop pro as the tripod head on top of which I had kept the bottle was looking very bad. 

    For the white background picture I used paintshop pro to remove the background as a small part of the picture was not fully white.


  • #38702

    Hi Alex for me hangout time and day are convenien and i can join it with webcam.  So everything is ok :)

  • #38708

    Hello Alex,


    Here my work for this week. I hope I got this in the right place I’m a little out of this last few weeks. I used three light and on these last shoot I move the third light to camera right and added a home made light snoot for the label. I would like to make to try to make the meeting this week I not sure if I know how to work that on my computer I’m not a big techie.


    Viva Red-Wine-Black-back-47-1.jpgLight-set-up.jpgRedWine-on-Black-back-Ground-2.jpgRed-on-White-2.jpg

  • #38730

    Hello Alex/fellow students!
    Please find below my 3 photos.

    I have had a nightmare! Usually I shoot in quite a nice spacious room with some decent equipment..
    I have been away from home so was stuck with just two speedlights and some very basic modifiers…
    in a very small room!
    But nonetheless I have produced some images I am quite happy with.
    All but the last image are composites…
    I only had one little softbox available which was VERY small. So I bought a miniature bottle
    of wine, half normal size, so that I could still use it effectively. 
    So I had to shoot one side, get the edge highlight looking okay and then carefully move the
    light round to the exact same position on the opposite side…and then composite the two
    together in Photoshop.

    The final image is just one shot, no composites. The label light is a homemade grid.

    I have not been able to shoot my editorial shot yet but am hoping to get it finished this evening/tomorrow
    morning so will hopefully have it with you asap. Being away from home has made it very difficult! But I’m
    happy with my efforts and am looking forward to your feedback.


  • #38732

    Ok – here goes!  I don’t have softboxes or striplights, but picked up a few tricks from Alex’s previous tutorials and made do with translum film, LED continuous lights, a translucent umbrella, and flags in the form of thick, black, non-reflective fabric and black foam core board.  My setups aren’t pretty, they sometimes collapse on me, and the room I work in looks like a bomb hit it, but it’s all I can do right now.  My shots definitely aren’t perfect – so I’m looking forward to hearing how I can fine-tune and control the lighting a little better.  Since I use continuous lighting, which isn’t as strong and necessitates a looooooong shutter speed, I feel that one of my biggest challenges is light spill.  That, and I still don’t completely understand the whole light/angles physics aspect.

    I won’t be able to participate in the hangout this week – I have to be somewhere between 11:30-2:30 – but I look forward to watching the broadcast.

    So – here are photos of the lighting setups (taken with my phone) and the assignment shots – I’ve included the straight-out-of-the-camera shots along with the edited versions.





  • #38735
  • #38736
  • #38737
    Peter van Veen

    Hi all,


    these are (technical) the most difficult shots I think. For me the most difficult part was to get some props with the wine bottle. And the fact that I have only 1 (DIY) striplight. Combined with not much time before the deadline… Allez, here are my shots:


    Oh, wait, I’ve handheld a small 60cm black reflector above the bottle to block reflections from the ceiling.


    First, bottle with rimlight on a white background:



    This is the setup. White background, on the left a DIY striplight, on the right a silver reflector. Behind the bottle is a flash for the backrground. On the foreground is a flash for the front of the bottle:



    Second, bottle with rimlight on a black background



    And this is the setup, now with a black background and no flash behind the bottle:


    Third, bottle with classic look on a white background:



    And this is the setup. Same as the first but now with a big sheet of paper on the right of the camera. It reflects some light from the background and the striplight into the bottle:



    And fourth, a creative shot with props on a white background



    And with this setup. Same as the one before. Only now is the bottle on a piece of glass with some leaves on it:



    It was a nice exercise!

  • #38740
    Kimberli DiIuro

    Hi Everyone,


    Thanks Alex for a great lecture! I really enjoyed the assignment. Here are my shots:



    I wasn’t sure how to create a good reflection under the bottle.













    No matter how close I moved the light I couldn’t create an unbroken reflection.








    The colors aren’t as bright in this post as they are in the original – maybe because the file was downsized?









  • #38742
    Radu Dumitrescu

    Hi all, 

    This is my take on this assignment. I hope the setup is not too funny for you. I had a pretty unpleasant week and because of some bad planning I got home with a bottle of red wine the wrong shape and with no black background. I used a black jacket as a background, which was big enough to cover the bottle area. 


    1. Black background. I used a white wine bottle that had the same shape as the one in Alex’s lecture. 

    This is the unprocessed file.



    And the edited version.



    The living room studio with wearable black background and edible bottle stand (rhubarb jam). 



    2. White background: side light version.


    This is the unprocessed file.



    And the edited version.



    The setup I used for this shot. The black jacket is on the softbox because I used it to mask about 80% of the softbox in order to get a narrow strip of light underneath the bottle. Without it I got the whole softbox on the lower curvature of the bottle, which was too large. 



    The speedlight on the floor was used to light the white background.



    3. White background: Classic look.


    This is the unprocessed file.



    And the edited version.



    The setup I used to make this shot. The flash next to the wall was lighting the background and the flash pointing at the camera was lighting the white reflector that made the gradient. Thank you Alex for this info, I didn’t know of this technique. 



    4. The creative shot. I chose to use the gradient lighting mainly because it was the first time using it. Kind of like a child having a new toy. Unfortunately, I wasn’t so creative with the shot. 


    This is the unprocessed file, including that nice dust-spot on the sensor :)



    And this is the edited version.



    I used only one light for this shot, bouncing it into a reflector just as in the classical look shot. When I made the last shots I duct-taped a French postcard onto the wall and now I see that it’s not in the setup shots. 



    The reflector I used was the back of a print with one of my concert shots. 



    And the final images for this assignment. Again, thanks Alex. This is great and it’s just beginning. 


    I shoot food and product. You can find me here: www.greywolf.ro

  • #38746
    Joshua Geiger

    Hey guy’s, I just wanted to drop in and say great job! So many nice images. :D

  • #38751
    Vitaly Kardashov

    На чёрном фоне. Очень хотелось получить контур из линий непременно постоянной ширины. На поиск местоположения стрипов ушло столько времени, что не в итоге успел сделать творческий снимок на свободную тему. Чтобы контур не прерывался на плечиках бутылки, стрипы пришлось наклонить. Наклейка освещена светом из конусной насадки, отражённым от белого экранчика. Чтобы отсечь лишний свет от него, который создавал ненужный блик ниже наклейки, между экранчиком и бутылкой (внизу) стоит чёрный флаг.



    На белом фоне.Чтобы получить контур из тоненьких чёрных линий, пришлось переставить стрипы, в итоге получил некрасивые белые линии на плечиках. Белый фон залит светом от расположенной внизу вспышки.



    Классический вариант. Поскольку сама бутылка маленькая (130 мм высотой и 35 мм в диаметре), то из-за большой кривизны корпуса градиент на нём получился много меньше ожидаемого.Не помог даже довольно широкий (120 см) экран, которым градиент создавался. На спот, свет от которого создавал градиент, были добавлены соты.




    Алекс, благодарю вас за предоставленную всем нам возможность не только любоваться вашими снимками, но и советами по поводу наших. Вот у меня в процессе съёмок возникли такие вопросы:

    1. Думаю, что гарантированно избежать разрыва контурной белой линии на плечиках в первом снимке поможет только рамка из трёх стрипов. Третий должен быть расположен над бутылкой, разумеется, и направлен вниз. К сожалению, у меня просто нет третьего стрипа, чтобы проверить это предположение. Если вы сталкивались с такой проблемой, то как её решали?

    2. Как создать контурную белую линию в первом снимке на нижней кромке бутылки? Думаю, что для этого бутылка должна стоять не на подставке, а на прозрачном стекле и освещаться расположенным под стеклом конусом. Конус должен создавать скользящее по кромке контровое освещение (подобно двум вертикальным стрипам).

    Чтобы ваши ответы на были полезны не только мне, но и другим участникам нашей компании, всегда пишите мне на английском – тексты я осиливаю без затруднений.

    С благодарностью, Виталий.

  • #38756

    Hello Alex,


    Thank you, for yesterday I went back to my space and re shots my two images again and I appied what you said to my work so I hope these are better the set-up was the same I just moved the lights in as you mention yesterday at the meeting. Sorry no classic wine shot I don’t drink and I have very few things around to make that shot happen. I have to give this wine back to my friend tomorrow.


    Again thank you,


    Viva on-Black_.jpgOn-white.jpg

  • #38757
    Alex Koloskov

    Thank you all who submitted images. I am going to record and post a video review/critique for those who did not join us during the hangout.

    Expect it to be posted early next week. 

    No one were forgotten, you guys are great!


    Thank you:-)

    The Lighting magician

  • #38762

    I know it’s too late but anyway this is another tryIMG_2363.jpglightingsetup1.jpg

  • #316669
    debbie goldman

    I am newbie in designing, printing and publishing, and for sure this idea would be a big help for me. Despite I am more interested in outdoor photography, I am also open to explore new stuff of indoor and advertising photos. Mostly when it comes to end printing, I often use digital black and white for outdoor shots and I am using this aspects of print at http://www.digitekprinting.com/digital-black-white-copies.

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