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TriggerTrap iPhone Application hands-on review

Recently I’ve installed a cool iPhone application, called TriggerTrap. This is a soft-version of a TriggerTrap device, and this is my review/functionality test.

TriggerTrap hands-on Review


First impressions:

Full of features (I guess I would never use 50% of them), solid application. I did not hit any bugs or had any issues setting it to work with my Canon 5D MK II camera. I may not replace the original Triggertrap in places where precise triggering is needed (like laser-triggered motion, etc), but would be a great addition for a landscape photographer and photogeeks.

Screenshots from TriggerTrap iPhone App:


Now I am waiting for my “hardware” TriggerTrap device to arrive:-) Check the news, updates and order your device here:

The product page: 

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