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Tutorial for Assignment #22: Simulate outdoor lighting in the studio, a story-telling composition

This is the tutorial for Photigy Pro Corner
Interactive Education Program, assignment #22

Simulate outdoor lighting in the studio, telling story composition of your favorite things

Simulate outdoor lighting in the studio

Video Tutorial For This Assignment

Pro Club Membership Required

To watch full tutorial, please login or join Pro Club

The Assignment:

Use a similar technique to mimic a sunny daylight in the studio. It can be a propped food image, or any other still life composition 

Keys to learn: Daylight in the studio and propping the shot, making a story-telling composition 


Deadline is 07/04/2015 

Assignment Submission

Deadline 07/04/2015

Submit your image for the review and critique on the forum. Note: Pro Corner membership is required to participate in this assignment 

You can work on this assignment and complete it later that the group. Please submit your result on a corresponded forum and it will be reviewed by the instructor.

Note for non-members of Pro Club community:

If you want to test your photography skills and do this assignment without joining Pro Club, here is what you do:

Create the “Hero Shot” based on the information provided¬†and submit it along with BTS (behind the scene) images to a comment area on this page.

Photigy Expert will select THE BEST image and will do a public review and critique.

Go for it  Рwish you good luck!


2 responses on "Tutorial for Assignment #22: Simulate outdoor lighting in the studio, a story-telling composition"

  1. Hey Alex,

    great Tutorial, as always. A pleasure to watch!

    Audio could be better though…I don’t know with which device you are recording, but try to use a limiter, so the audio does not get distorted when it is getting loud. (c;

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