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TWiT Photo, Episode 24: Alex Koloskov (me:-) and liquid photography

It was fun to be on the show and I can tell you now, it wasn’t scary at all:-) I even managed to shoot something relatively good, considering that it was only a 10 minute shoot.

Many thanks to show hosts: +Catherine Hall and +Leo Laporte, they created such a warm and friendly atmosphere, as well as having interesting questions for me. I hope I’ll get time to visit the¬†TWiT TV studio this November during or Cali trip.

Now we’ve got recorded video and can watch it enjoying the availability of pause and fast forward controls (two things I miss in every¬†theater¬†or live show:-))

TWiT Photo, Episode 24: +Alex Koloskov


I’ve really enjoyed the show. Enjoyed it so much that I’m starting to think about having my own little show running once a week from a studio. Short, simple and full of technical details. I have all the gear and now it is only matter of time. We’ll be there!

Below is one of the splashes I did during the show:

Twit tv show: liquid photography by Alex Koloskov
Twit tv show: liquid photography by Alex Koloskov

Very simple shot and¬†lighting¬†setup with a pleasant outcome, isn’t it? Good for inspirational use;-)

One sexy crop form the image above.. 100% crop t be exact.

Liquid photography 100 crop by Alex Koloskov
Liquid photography 100 crop by Alex Koloskov

To learn more about the shot you have to watch the video:-) To learn much more about my liquid photography, take a look at these tutorials and masterclasses:


15 responses on "TWiT Photo, Episode 24: Alex Koloskov (me:-) and liquid photography"

  1. Alex, ( sorry my bad english )
    I am a beginner!
    If I ever seen pictures like yours, I was wondering how much effort behind it, and how expensive is to do so.
    Your tips and instructions on are just great!
    I thank you show me to realize these photos with my resources, and give me the power to experiments in this direction.
    Best regards
    Olaf (from Germany)

  2. Hmmm… no matter how sturdy tripod I use and what setting I use on my flash – I can never get my images this sharp at 100% crop. What am I doing wrong, Alex ?
    Also, I have noticed the post-production is very important in producing acceptable images. Are you, or your wife, going to talk in-depth on this topic ? Thanks you Alex, and as always, your photography rocks ! Milan

    • Milan,
      What flash do you use? may be you are getting a motion blur form too long flash duration?
      As for the PP, it is a long topic, true. It is the whole new world in photoshop, and hopefully Genia will be explaining pieces of it. When she will have time for this:-)
      Thank you!

  3. Wonderful images Alex but so much more – it is obvious that you get a tremendous amount of enjoyment from your work.
    I love the way you use everyday objects to achieve the results you want – you’re a talented guy! This is an area of photography which I have not attempted but
    now you have inspired me to try it out. Thank you.

  4. Found your blog just a few minutes ago and this is fantastic! really appreciate your effort on taking time to sharing your techniques and tools (and will try to make myself some of those plastic ice cubes). really really helped me out since ive been building a still life portfolio, this really is just gold. big thanks Alex.

  5. Alex.. you are such an inspiration.. thank you for teaching us.. I have wanted to do something along these lines for sometime now.. but figured that I would have to wait until I was a “real” photographer.. but after viewing this.. you have made me think that its time get off my duff.. breathe deep.. and dive in… therefore I am going to try it.. don’t have all the lights or set up.. but hey.. like they say.. where there is a will there is a way.. thank you for being so down to earth.. and reaching out to those of us to struggle.. you are indeed an awesome human.. good luck with all you do.. again thank you..

  6. Awesome Alex! Thanks to great results.

  7. Another amazingly generous description of how to acheive great results when creating product shots.
    Thank you so much for your freely shared tips and best of luck in all you do. If only others would find out how sharing will reap far more reward than they ever imagined.

  8. Loved the video interview on TWIT!

    Alex, what kind of chair do you sit on? It looks really comfortable. (you were using Tengrove for the fake ice?). The setup you have for showing the video with picture in picture works wonderfully!
    Hope you do more videos on you website like this.

  9. Awesome Alex! just awesome! I can see how simple lighting set-up can be and how pleasant outcome or finish shoot can be striking. I absolutely love the composition, deep colours and excellent clarity of that image, amazing job! I have few things to be photographed over the weekend and juts waned to say that, your blog helped me a lot to understood light and composition, many thanks for that m8! Have a good one Alex!

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