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Watch and wave: Photo-shoot BTS video

This is what I’ve got for the Studio Photography Insights #8: my version of creative watch shot:

Studio Photography weekly assignment: watch shot

Here is the mini-video tutorial from the shot:

Watch and liquid splash video tutorial

Watch and wave Photo-shoot BTS video


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October 6, 2017

5 responses on "Watch and wave: Photo-shoot BTS video"

  1. Excellent shot, and very interesting video, thank you!

    I would love to know more about your lighting setup, how much light (relatively) did come from the different lights? If 10 is max, I would guess top light on 7-8, stripboxes left/right on 4-5 and front light on 3-4, correct? Or is it only the honeycomb grid that makes the top light look so hard?

  2. I watched a video of you explaining the shot after you took it. You went through the tank, the lighting and the snazzy little contraption to hold the watch with then went through the shots. But it didn’t show you actually taking any shots or showing how you made a wave. Is there another video on this?

  3. Outstanding shot! I just have one fairly stupid question I suppose but, how did you create the wave? Just shake the table or something?

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