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The goal of this course is to show the specifics of working with high-end jewelry on a model. We will show how to mix lighting techniques frequently used for portraiture and fashion with lighting for jewelry.

About the Course

This course is for you, if you:

  • Want to¬†make sure you can take¬†high end jewelry assignments
  • Learn how to work with the model and use advanced¬†lightning techniques that works for soft human skin and sparkly jewelry
  • Learn high end beauty¬†and jewelry retouching

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Before and After Post-Production:


Is there is a way to ask instructor questions? To show my own work and get a feedback?

Yes, there you can ask instructor questions and get a feedback on your own work. We have a support forum for this course where you can ask questions and get answers and feedback from your instructor

Final Images you'll be able to make yourself

Jewelry Modeling Photography course
Jewelry workshop with model + post-production

Course Curriculum

Jewelry on a Model Course – Introduction 00:12:00
Jewelry on a Model Course – Business Talk 00:10:00
Jewelry on a Model Course – Gear 00:13:00
Jewelry on a Model Course – Makeup and Hair 00:08:00
Jewelry on a Model Course – Lighting Setup 00:33:00
Jewelry on a Model Course – Model & Jewelry Shot 00:26:00
Jewelry on a Model Course – Model & Jewelry Close-up Shot 00:06:00
Jewelry on a Model Course ‚Äď Post-Production Part 1 00:25:00
Jewelry on a Model Course ‚Äď Post-Production Part 2 01:10:00
Jewelry on a Model Course ‚Äď Post-Production Part 3 02:35:00

Course Reviews


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  1. How to create beauty


    Shooting with models is very different to doing product shots, and combining both can be a whole new challenge on its own. Since I started out with portraits before attempting product photography, I was very thankful Photigy is offering an own course dedicated to this quite special topic. Its content is as professional as the other courses, logically well structured from the very beginning to the final results. Means a bit of theory for choosing the right equipment, conversation with your clients, the preparation with a professional makeup artist, leading to the shooting setup itself, and finally finishing your project in post production. Might be of advantage if you are already familiar in working with PhotoShop.

    Alex and Kristina are doing a good job, explaining the choice and use of the equipment, and showing what everything affects during the shooting. Mainly focussing on only one setup, but due to their detailled explanations to it, and how to build it up, you can easily conclude what to do for other cases. Although Kristina is talking clearly, I experienced audio issues which made it a bit difficult to understand what she is saying. Probably having issues with her microphone, since her voice is the only one affected of this. Once you are getting used to it, you can follow her words, though it has been quite demanding to me. Later on in the VERY extensive part of retouching, everything is working fine again. Not sure whether it is worth withdrawing one full star of the rating, for this issue might have to be evaluated individually – but since everything else is fine, I really like this one.

    Very cool for having this course listed in your program, containing much valuable information, explained well and detailled.

  2. Great course!


    Great course! Thank you guys so much. It really helped me to create amazing photos. I think my model and the jewelry look wonderful. Thanks! :)

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