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In this course aimed for professionals and emerging photographers, you will learn the art of sculpting splashes, capturing them with special hight-speed strobes and creating advertising images.
This course is based on the “Art of Sculpting Splashes” workshop that took place in Photigy studio in 2015.

Course instructors, Alex Koloskov and Genia Larionova will guide you through the whole process, from setting up the studio and protecting your gear to a final touch in Adobe Photoshop for final advertising images


6 hours, 2 minutes




Shooting, Post-Production

At the End

Photigy Certificate.

After program you can make photos like this

Sample photos from the program’s video lessons that you will learn from and also shoot yourself for course assignments.

Course Curriculum

Course includes 4 module and 14 video lessons

The Art of Sculpting Splashes Advanced Splash PhotographyCamera settings and how to setup your studio for the shot, types of lighting that will stop action, gear protection, tethered software,  and more

  • Lesson 2: Setup
  • Lesson 3: Creating Bigger Splashes
  • Lesson 4: Working with Glycerin
  • Lesson 5: Working with Flowers
  • Lesson 6: After Party

The Art of Sculpting Splashes Advanced Splash Photography

  • Lesson 7: Bonus 1 (Product Shot)
  • Lesson 8: Bonus 2 (Product Shot)

The Art of Sculpting Splashes Advanced Splash Photography

  • Post-Production Lesson 1: Color
  • Post-Production Lesson 2: Clipping Images
  • Post-Production Lesson 3: Compositing Images
  • Post-Production Lesson 4: Nail Polish Composite
  • Post-Production Lesson 5: Nail Polish Composite
  • Post-Production Lesson 6: Bending, Shaping, and Manipulating

What is the learning experience looks like?

Shaping your splash, Tips and Tricks

Learn the art behind making a great splash image that will sell your images and make your work go viral.

Ho to stop hi-speed motion

Camera settings and how to setup your studio for the shot, types of lighting that will stop action, gear protection, tethered software, and more

What liquids are the best for splash photography

Differences between liquids, what works and what doesn’t, unusual effects and how to tweak splash appearance

Digital darkroom: Photoshop Finishing

Learn what happens after the photo-session; add value and creativity in your post-production work in Adobe Photoshop.

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Advanced Splash Photography for Professionals


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