Luxury Jewelry Photography

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About this course

About this course

About The Course

In this workshop-based course you will learn: How to retouch luxury jewelry using Adobe Photoshop and various plugins because of a specifics of jewelry photography (extreme macro), retouching is an essential part of the process and our expert will teach you secrets on post-production for jewelry

This course is for you, if you:

– Photographer or Retouching looking to expand your business offerings to jewelry makers
– Part of a jewelry making business that looking to teach own grew members to take jewelry photos with a minimal investment in gear.
– Hobbyist that going to have fun taking pictures of jewelry and gemstones


13 hours, 59 minutes


Advanced, Professional


Post-Production lessons

At the end

Photigy Certificate

You can make photos like this

After course you can make photos like this

Sample photos from the course’s video lessons that you will learn.

Before and After

Before and after post-production from the course

Course includes 1 module and 7 video lessons, 13+ hours

learning experience

What is the learning experience looks like?


24/7 access to learning materials

Watch your lesson at your convenience, from any device including tablets and smartphones.


Photography Assignments

You have to complete homework (practical photography) for every module on this program. Total 16 assignments.


Video feedback from your instructor

You’ll be getting a recorded video feedback for every shot you’ll submit for the review. Also, everything can be discussed on a private forum with the instructor and course students.

Next module of the course

Once finished the module and got your homework reviewed by your instructor, you’ll advance to a next one

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Luxury Jewelry Photography, Part 2 - Retouching

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