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About this course

Watch Photography for professionals

Need an additional revenue source for your off seasons? Product photography can be the perfect compliment to your business, and many of the skills, techniques, and tools are applicable to both types of photography.


6+ hours


Different subject, different techniques


Post-Production Included

After program you can make photos like this

Sample photos from the program’s video lessons that you will learn.


Left – SOOC (straight out of the camera),  Right– after Adobe Photoshop

Watch Photography courses Audemars Piguet BEFORE
Watch Photography courses Audemars Piguet AFTER
Watch Photography courses Tag Heuer BEFORE
Watch Photography courses Tag Heuer AFTER
Watch Photography courses Rolex BEFORE
Watch Photography courses Rolex AFTER

Course Curriculum

Course includes 5 modules and 14 video lessons

Top-down watch (gunmetal) with props Creative shot, involving propping the scene. We tried various lighting techniques before found the best that worked for this watch. The image is SOOC preview from the lesson (no post-processing)

Classic look for a classic watch Simple and effective holder for the watch, shooting with cone. On this part of the course we explored secrets of working with a shooting cone. Sometimes it gets tricky no make glossy things look right with the cone – and this lesson covers this and much more! The image is SOOC preview from the lesson (no post-processing)

The most beautiful and hard to photograph watches from the course. We worked with this watch using conventional diffusers, explained how to change the light to get a desired reflection from the metal – this watch has a signature finish on internal parts that must to be showcased by a photographer. The main goal of this shot was to create a dramatic look of a spectacular watch. The image is SOOC preview from the lesson (no post-processing)

Every watch we photographed will be cleaned and enhanced in Adobe Photoshop by Photigy post-production guru. You will have access to full length post-production videos as well as RAw and PSD files

In this lesson you will learn how to create video footage of watches you shoot without changing anything except you camera mode. This technique allows you to leverage more revenue for your business, offering your clients video production as well. The image is SOOC preview from the lesson (no post-processing)

This lesson is about one of creative ways to photograph watches, inspired by several photos in instagram where waches were photographed with smoke. This could be a great way to bring more attention to your portfolio! Now included into this course The image is SOOC preview from the lesson (no post-processing)

Any modern camera is capable of capturing beautiful video – learn how to make profit offering video service for your clients!

What is the learning experience like?

24/7 access to learning materials

Watch your lesson at your convenience, from any device including tablets and smartphones.

Video feedback from your instructor​

You’ll be getting a recorded video feedback for every shot you’ll submit for the review. Also, everything can be discussed on a private forum with the instructor and course students.

Next module of the course

Once finished the module and got your homework reviewed by your instructor, you’ll advance to a next one

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Watch photography for professionals


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