The making of: X-rated Liqueur alcohol beverage shot

As promised, this is behind the scene of the X-rated French liqueur shot.

x-rated liqueur-beverage photography by alex-koloskov

Like I mentioned before, I’ve used dry ice and color gels to get the shot. This is a screenshot of the lighting setup form the video (for those who can’t play video alone here):

The Lighting setup

Lighting setup for X-rated Liqueur shot

Front light is number one, rim lights are twos, slightly behind the bottle.  Back light is number 3 with pink gel in it, and white background light is number 4. What else? Lens was shifted to correct perspective distortions from low camera angle. I’ve used cambo Ultima technical camera for this.
Matte subject is sooo easy to shot:-)

The shift of the lens:

The rest is on the video:

Photographing alcohol beverages: Behind the scene video

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